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Admission Staff

Meet the A-Team.

Get to know our dynamic staff. They're ready to help you and answer your questions about the admission process.

Who's your counselor for your area? Find out

Steve KleinSteven Klein, Vice President for Enrollment

Vice President for Enrollment
Phone: 517/629-0321

Mandy DubielClick to learn more about Mandy.

Director of Admission
Phone: 517/629-0600

Heather Fuchs Click to learn more about Heather.

Director of Campus Events and Visits Coordinator
Phone: 517/629-0663

Lloyd McPartlin Click to learn more about Lloyd.

Associate Director of Admission
Phone: 517/629-0472

Marcus Gill, ’04Ckick to learn more about Marcus.

Assistant Director of Admission/Multicultural Coordinator
Phone: 517/629-0496

Corey Grazul, ’08 Click to learn more about Corey.

Associate Director of Admission
Phone: 517/629-0757

Trevor MarkovichClick to learn more about Trevor.

Assistant Director of Admission
Phone: 517/629-0596

Molly ThompsonClick to learn more about Molly.

Admission Counselor and Fine Arts Liaison
Phone: 517/629-0610

Sarah Eggerstedt, ’08

Admission Counselor
Phone: 517/629-0473

Rhiki Swinton

Admission Counselor
Phone: 517/629-0769

Travell Oakes

Admission Counselor
Phone: 517/629-0475

Sarah Goldman

Associate Director of Admission
Phone: 517/629-1066

Kyle Lurvey Kyle Lurvey, Admission Counselor

Admission Counselor
Phone: 517/629-0145

Travis Tekiele Travis Tekiele, Admission Counselor

Admission Counselor
Phone: 517/629-0321

Elizabeth "Betsy" Morley Betsy Morley, Director of International Recruitment

Director of International Recruitment
Phone: 517/629-0474

Visit Campus

Albion College students outside Baldwin Hall.

You’ll feel the Albion spirit from the moment you arrive.

Want to experience it yourself? We thought so. A campus visit is the best way to know whether a college is a perfect fit. Whether it feels right. It's your chance to meet some students and sit in on a class. Maybe hang out on the Quad for a sunny afternoon. There's only one way to find out what it's like.

Schedule a Visit

An individualized visit is a good place to start. Get started on your personalized tour of campus by simply choosing a date and time that works best for you. Group visits are a great way to see what Albion has to offer alongside other students or friends. Are you a part of a group of that would like to plan a visit? We're happy to accommodate you, schedule a visit today.

Individual Visit | Group Visit

Virtual Tour

Are you interested in visiting our campus, but you're just not able to get here soon enough? Or perhaps you've already come for a visit and you just want to take another look. Either way, our virtual tour will give you a great idea of what our beautiful campus is like at Albion College.

Take the Virtual Tour

Getting to Albion

Whether you're traveling from the next county or cross-country, the following links provide everything you need to plan the perfect trip.


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admission or call 800/858-6770.



At Albion, education means much more than simply checking courses off a list. Here, beginning with The First-Year Experience, you'll quickly find that we’re into real, live learning.

The liberal arts is all about using your brain to make things happen. A geology lecture sparks an idea for a film project. The film project leads to an internship with the New York Arts Program. And that internship opens the door to a great job at Random House. Once you’re open to the connectedness of the liberal arts, there are no limits.

It makes problem solving easier. It strengthens your ability to make decisions. It starts with academics at Albion.

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