We understand. College costs can be daunting. But now more than ever, your college education is one of the most important investments your family can make.

Affordability is our goal, and we’re here to help families access all of the financial resources that are available. During the 2017-18 academic year, Albion awarded more than $36 million in scholarships and grants.

98% of our 2014 graduates earned their degree in four years or less. 92% of them reported that they were employed or in graduate school within six months. Compare this to many public universities, where 50% or less complete their degrees in four years.

Despite the assumption that liberal arts colleges are too expensive, our average federal student debt for 2016 graduates was $28,880, comparable to the national rate. Our default rate is only 3.5%, which is much lower than the national average of 10%. This means that almost 97% of our students achieve outcomes that make their debt manageable.

To get a better idea of how Albion can be an affordable investment for you, visit our Net Price Calculator. The Calculator gives you an idea, within $1,000, of the total scholarship and aid that Albion awards.

Our financial services team has outlined every aspect of the financial aid process, from scholarships and loans to estimating your expected family contribution (EFC). We know it's a lot of information and we’re here to help if you have questions. Contact us today!

Aid at Albion

Paying for college. We’re here to help.

In fact, we help 99% of the students enrolled at Albion providing over $40 million in grant support last year. Here’s how we helped:

In 2016-17:

  • 83% of freshmen received need-based financial aid, with an average award of $40,500
  • First-year students are receiving over $12 million in grant aid from Albion
  • The average grant/scholarship award to freshmen is $34,250
  • Grant aid totals over $40 million for all Albion students
IncomePercent of Enrolling Class     Average Grant or Scholarship     Range of Grant or Scholarship
0 - $29,999         19%      $42,116       $28,730 - $52,925
$30,000 - $ 59,999         22%      $40,746       $31,030 - $51,775
$60,000 - $89,999         14%      $35,631       $19,000 - $49,675
$90,000 - $119,999         13%      $31,089       $19,230 - $45,280
$120,000 - $149,999           6%      $26,273       $19,030 - $31,530
$150,000 and above         18%      $24,644       $16,000 - $41,570

14 Steps to Financial Success

  1. 1  Complete the FAFSA

    We recommend everyone complete the FAFSA. Entering Action applicants should complete it by December 1.  Everyone else we recommend March 1.  Current students by January 1.

  2. 2  Review your financial aid award

    We’ll send new students financial aid notifications beginning in mid-November. Current students will be emailed their notice beginning in mid- January.

  3. 3  Develop your Albion Financing Plan

    Work with your admission or financial services counselor to explore your options and develop a plan to cover all of your college costs.

  4. 4  Visit your ACIS account to see what resources are available to you.
    • Use the username and password provided in your award notification to log into ACIS.
    • Review and accept the Terms and Conditions of your scholarship.
    • Accept Your Awards
  5. 5  Review the Student Requirements in ACIS to ensure your file is complete
    • Recommended deadline is June 15th
  6. 6  Write Your Scholarship Thank You Note
    • In ACIS click on the name of your scholarship to get information on your donor and instructions on how to write your letter.
  7. 7  Complete Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN)
    • Go to
    • Sign in with the FSA ID used for the FAFSA
    • Sign the Master Promissory Note (subsidized/unsubsidized)
  8. 8  Complete Direct Loan Counseling
    • Go to
    • Sign in with the FSA ID used for the FAFSA
    • Complete Entrance Counseling (undergraduate)
  9. 9    Find a Job
    • Work-study/Albion Work positions are available at
    • Complete the required paperwork before beginning employment.
  10. 10  Authorize Access
  11. 11  Check Your Bill
    • Your bill will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month starting in July. You are responsible for reviewing it and paying the balance owed.
  12. 12  Consider a PLUS or alternative loan
    • If you need additional resources to help cover your bill consider a PLUS or alternative loans
  13. 13  Request a refund
    • If your account is paid and there is extra money remaining you may request a refund of those funds by emailing .
  14. 14  Read your email