May 2008

Congratulations to Dan Knapp for being selected as the Dining & Hospitality Services “Employee of the Month” for May 2008. Dan has worked as a stock handler for a number of years & always does his job with pride. He always works hard & always makes sure events go off without a hitch. This April and May, Dan worked tirelessly on many different events such as the Inauguration, the Board of Trustees, countless “end-of-the year events” & Commencement; just to name a few. Much of Dan’s work is done “behind the scenes” & we are proud to honor him. Keep up the good work, Dan!
Dawn Leightner has been nominated by her co-workers as Employee of the Month. Dawn has been employed by Albion College since March, 1986, originally in Dining and Hospitality Services and now with Facilities Operations in Campus Services. Dawn "always has a smile on her face, is always willing to help another person in need and completes her jobs - even when thrown additional items to be completed that day! She completes her work in a timely fashion, tries to show her student workers things about Campus Services that they didn't know, and is always there to listen." Congratulations to Dawn on being nominated for Employee of the Month. dawn_leightner
Lisa Locke started her Albion College career in 1995 as Director of Residential Life, in the Student Affairs Division. After a number of years in that position, she moved to the Information Technology Division to become Student Computing Coordinator, and Director of the Digital Portfolio project, working with students to create and maintain portfolios of their learning and experience at the College. She then served as Director of User Services, until October, 2007, when she was tapped to become the Interim Director of Human Resources. As you can see from Lisa’s vast experience with the College she is a very valuable employee. Her willingness to switch gears and take on the human resources arena is much appreciated. Her knowledge, work ethic, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done makes her a perfect candidate for this award. Lisa spends her spare time with her husband, Joe, and daughter, Annie, born in 2007, and their two dogs. Lisa_Locke

March 2008

Congratulations to Judy Williams from the Eat Shop Café & Study Lounge for being named Employee of the Month for March 2008!! Judy has been with Albion College for many years & has always been a stellar employee. Judy has a wonderful smile, is very witty & always has something nice to say to everyone she meets. Judy is truly an asset to the Eat Shop Cafe and her managers and co-workers are honored to work with her. Her hard work is one of the reasons the Eat Shop Cafe is enjoying unprecedented success. Judy_Williams
Randy Richards has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month. Randy has been with the College since December of 1985 and is currently a Maintenance/Technician III specializing in the carpentry and locksmith areas. Randy has exceptional and versatile skills as a craftsman and is frequently called upon when those unique skills are required. Randy has steadily progressed through the department displaying the initiative to obtain the further training necessary to move to positions of increased responsibility. Randy is one of those quiet, dependable, behind-the-scenes, people who rarely get the recognition they deserve. Congratulations to Randy as Employee of the Month. richards
George Halkett was recruited to be the Director of our new Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center in 2004. Since that time, the Equestrian Center has almost doubled in size. George is meticulous and is known for his critical eye. It is joked that anything out of order shouts and waves at him as he walks by. Due to this, the Equestrian Center is known as a premiere facility. It is because of his hard work, long hours and devotion to the equestrian life that the Held Center is a source of pride for the College. George has been instrumental in the rise of Equestrian student recruitment which benefits both the Center and the College. George’s mind never stops thinking of ways to improve processes and he is always developing new initiatives to benefit the Center, College and community relations. George’s reputation, extensive knowledge and wonderful way with people make him a valuable asset to the College. Thank you for everything you do! George

November 2007

Congratulations Beverly Easton, for being awarded the Dining & Hospitality Services Employee of the Month for November 2007. Bev worked for Albion College as a full-time employee from 1979-1981, and came back part-time in 1990. Since then, Bev has shown outstanding customer service skills and is a delight to work with. Her positive attitude, friendliness and work ethic are contagious to those around her. Bev always works with a smile and is an important part of creating a positive dining experience for students, staff and guests. Bev-Easton
Ronald Shafer has been with Albion College since 1995. Ron is a Maintenance/Technician IV and works primarily with refrigeration, air-conditioning, and building control systems. Ron has been nominated by his fellow employees as one who can "take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. He always keeps going no matter what the issue is. No matter how much work is piled up on him, he continues to wear a smile and keep plugging along. Ron is always taking the time to stop and say hi to all! Brings smiles to many people during their day. Ron-Schafer
Judy Greer began her history with Albion College in 1979 as a temporary payroll clerk. That same year she became a full-time payroll clerk and advanced to payroll supervisor in 1981. Over the years she has proven herself to be a loyal, dedicated and trustworthy employee. She has a great commitment to the Albion College community, and those that work with her love her kind and caring nature. Judy demonstrates her commitment to Albion College through the long hours she works on a weekly basis to ensure we all are not only paid on time, but paid correctly! Pay raises and bonuses are making the end of the calendar year exceptionally busy for Judy. She handles this extra work load with her usual quiet grace and dedication. Judy is an unsung hero who is now getting some of the praise she deserves. She works whatever hours it takes to complete her duties. No one has to ask if she has or will meet her deadlines. It is a given. Judy seldom complains and if her workload is heavy, we immediately know, as her door goes shut for the day. We all reap the benefits of her hard work though many on campus have never seen her face. We all are very thankful for Judy and all that she does to keep those paychecks coming! Thanks Judy! JudyGreer1

January 2008

Andrew Hay is the January 2008 Employee of the Month. Andy is being recognized for his continued commitment to Albion College and the services it provides our students. He enthusiastically gives ideas and effort as a cook in Baldwin Hall. In addition, his work with Facilities Operations over winter break were thought highly of by management in that area. Andy is well respected by his co-workers and is a consistent performer. AndyHay
Jeff Watson has been with Facilities Operations since 1989 and is currently a Maintenance II assigned to Mitchell Towers, Munger Place, The Mae, Burn St. Apartments, and Dean Hall. Jeff has been nominated by his fellow employees for Employee of the Month due to his "always great attitude, willingness to help where ever needed, pride in his work and good teamwork effort." Further he is described as one who consistently "does his job with 110% effort and ability." Jeff has a contagious good humor which can be a real asset in working in student residential areas. Congratulations to Jeff! watson_Jeff
Diana Hopkins was hired in 1980 as a computer programer. On April Fool’s Day of 1997 Diana was promoted to Senior Programmer Analyst. No, it was not an April Fool’s joke as Diana was more than deserving. Diana is usually working before 7:00am every day so she is the morning greeter of the IT staff. She is one of the most dedicated employees at the College. Along with her usual responsibilities, recently she has revised a number of financial reports, scanned innumerable faculty evaluations, and is helping the Financial Aid office while they are short-staffed. Diana is always willing to help out and always goes the extra mile to make sure things are done right. Diana is also well known for her "world renowned candy jars"!! Whenever you need a stress break, you know where to go for a heart-warming smile and sweets! Congratulations Diana! Hopkins_Diana

October 2007

Congratulations Mary Johnson, for being awarded the Dining & Hospitality Services Employee of the Month for October 2007. Mary has worked for Albion College since 1979. As the first person people interact with when entering the dining hall, Mary sets the tone for a warm and friendly environment. Most students know her by name and she knows most of them. Mary truly makes our students and guests feel welcome and that is an immeasurable quality. MaryJohnson
Bruce Moore has been with Albion College since 1983, first with Grounds, then Building Maintenance and currently as a Maintenance/Technician III. Bruce has worked hard to advance through the department first obtaining his GED and moving on to graduate with honors from Jackson Community College. He has specialized training in residential heating and cooling systems. When in building maintenance Bruce consistently received positive evaluations from the staff and students in his building and was voted one of Albion's "Unsung Heros" in 2002. Bruce has been appointed by his co-workers as Employee of the Month for his "Team work and concern and helpfulness to other employees and students. Willingness to help people or show others how to do things so they can understand." Bruce is clearly the Most Improved Player on the Facilities Operations team. Bruce-Moore
Gail Ribbey-Weers has been an exceptional office manager for Dining & Hospitality Services for many years. Gail has demonstrated outstanding teamwork and is a tremendous asset to the department and College. She is respected by staff in the department and across campus and is truly deserving of recognition. Her sense of humor and straightforwardness are refreshing and appreciated. Gail is always willing to learn and is open-minded to change. RibbeyWears_Gail

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