Alumni Questionnaire

Albion College is an exemplary residential liberal arts college for many reasons. Your dedication and commitment are at the top of the list. The purpose of this survey is to help us discover the best way to connect with you in order to keep you apprised of the latest news and events at the College in ways that are personal and meaningful to you. I hope you will take a few minutes to complete this brief survey. When we receive your completed survey, we will send you an exclusive Albion College license plate frame as a token of our appreciation. We greatly appreciate your time.

Bob Anderson
Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development

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Albion College Event Survey

Each day we work to improve our engagement experiences with alumni and supporters of Albion College. We hope you will share ideas and suggestions to help us develop future events.

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Preferred Lodging


Holiday Inn Express
Room block: Albion College Alumni

329 Sam Hill Drive
Marshall, MI 49068
Map and Directions

phone: 269/789-9301
toll free: 1-800-HOLIDAY (800/465-4329)
fax: 269/781-1105

Hampton Inn
Room block: Albion College Alumni

325 Sam Hill Drive
Marshall, MI 49068
Map and Directions

phone: 269/789-0131
fax: 269/781-6233

Comfort Inn of Marshall

204 Winston Drive
Marshall, MI 49068
Map and Directions

phone: 269/789-7890
fax: 269/789-7891


Holiday Inn

2696 Bob McClain Drive
Jackson, MI 49202
Map and Directions

phone: 517/789-9600
toll free: 1-800-HOLIDAY (800/465-4329)
fax: 517/789-9601

Battle Creek

Holiday Inn

12812 Harper Village Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49014
Map and Directions

phone: 269/979-0500
toll free: 800/315-2621

Missing Alumni

Homecoming 2016

We do not have current contact information for these alumni. Can you help us reconnect with them? If you have correct contact information for any of the alumni listed below, please use the form below or contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 517/629-0448 or .

We are still looking for the following alumni from last year. 

1956 | 1961 | 1966 | 1971 | 1976 | 1981 | 1986 | 1991 | 1996 | 2006 | 2011 

Found someone you know?

Missing Alumni (Lost List)
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Class of 1956

  • Dr. Philip H. Burgess
  • Ms. Carole Stevens
  • Mr. Eugene M. (Sanford) Stevens III
  • Mr. Sam J. Hunter II
  • Mrs. Mary (McManus) Jennings
  • Mr. Charles E. Thayer
  • Mrs. Joanne (Runkel) Turner

Class of 1961

  • Mr. William L. Hoehner
  • Dr. J. Eric Jordan
  • Dr. Thomas A. Karman
  • Mr. David G. Martin
  • Mrs. Nona (Roush) Martin
  • Mr. Carl D. Mead
  • Mrs. Barbara (Hartwig) Pedersen
  • Mr. Jack A. Price
  • Mr. Robert D. Robinson
  • Mr. James T. Sampson
  • Mrs. Donna May (Chenoweth) Bauer
  • Mr. C. Paul Bradley
  • Mr. Richard E. Cameron
  • Mr. Dariel (Beach) Cross
  • Mrs. Tamar (Davis) Daley
  • Mr. Lester A. Henning
  • Mrs. Nancy (Beal) Hoofnagle
  • Mr. Robert D. Kraft
  • Ms. Sherlynn A. (Smith) Lark
  • Mr. Donald R. Leege
  • Mr. Darwin D. Liverance
  • Mr. William H. Magney
  • Miss Caroline M. Myers
  • Mr. William N. Natho
  • Mrs. Roberta (Williams) Norris
  • Mrs. Judith (Winters) Seibert
  • Miss Susan I. Spicer
  • Mr. Ralph E. Stahl
  • Mr. Thomas J. Stevens
  • Mrs. Shirley (Smith) Thompson
  • Miss Jane S. Trigg
  • Miss Ilene M. White
  • Mr. Phillip B. Williams
  • Mr. David D. Winterle
  • Miss Gisela Wohlrab

Class of 1966

  • Bebiana (D'Almeida) Boubacar
  • Mr. James E. Brackett
  • Mrs. Judy E. (Saur) Cosgrove
  • Ms. Sue A. Fischer
  • Miss Grace C. Kuhns
  • Mr. Kenneth C. Osgood
  • Mr. Earl E. Roberts III
  • Miss Elizabeth C. Roe
  • Dr. James A. Sapala
  • Mr. William L. Swan
  • Mr. Robert C. Wells
  • Mrs. Mary (Martin) Wyse
  • Mrs. Judith A. (Nordstrom) Baiers
  • Mr. David R. Baker
  • Mrs. Susan E. (Tallman) Balent
  • Mrs. Mary L. (Cousineau) Barger
  • Miss Marilynne I. Black
  • Miss Dianne G. Bleich
  • Miss Constance L. Bostwick
  • Miss Mary E. Boulton
  • Miss Nikki G. Branson
  • Mr. Thomas D. Cole
  • Miss Constance L. Cook
  • Mr. Charles Corradini
  • Miss Mary E. Craig
  • Mrs. Susan J. (Swank) Davis
  • Mrs. Carole M. (Stephens) Doughty
  • Mr. Stephen G. Ferrier
  • Mrs. Lorene (March) Geary
  • Miss Stella C. Green
  • Miss Linda J. Jack
  • Mrs. Margaret (Hyde) Johnson
  • Mr. R. Brian Lacey
  • Mr. Stephen W. Malina
  • Miss Charlene R. Mann
  • Mrs. Janice L. (Carter) Meinhardt
  • Ms. Anne Miller
  • Mrs. Linda (Moody) Nelson
  • Miss Jean L. Nielsen
  • Miss Jacquelyn L. Ott
  • Miss Gail A. Patterson
  • Miss Susan J. Perkins
  • Miss Linda J. Potter
  • Mrs. Yvonne C. (Wynn) Rush
  • Mrs. Jeanne W. (Davis) Schulze
  • Mrs. Karen A. (Puite) Shoesmith
  • Mrs. Mary F. (Yonco) Sillins
  • Mr. David P. Smith
  • Mr. Kim B. Smith
  • Miss Jackie L. Stanner
  • Miss Juliet S. Taffs
  • Miss Susan C. TenBroeck
  • Miss Suzanne P. Thompson
  • Miss Judith K. Vaughn
  • Miss Carol A. Webb
  • Mrs. Susan M. (Whitehouse) Wiley

Class of 1971

  • Mrs. Mary E. (Schoen) Balfour
  • Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Hollinshead) Ballou
  • Mr. Emmett H. Benjamin
  • Mrs. Barbara (Dyson) Billecci
  • Mr. James L. Brand
  • Ms. Jane Burt-Lynn
  • Mr. Ronald S. Chasse
  • Miss Mary J. Daley
  • Mr. Prem K. Gongaju
  • Miss Victoria A. Goodfellow
  • Miss Dorothy C. Griffith
  • Mrs. Joan H. (Harris) Grillo
  • Mrs. Gail L. (Filupait) Hagenbaugh
  • Mr. C. Gerald Hemming
  • Mrs. Patricia D. (Waggaman) Hennessee
  • Mr. John L. Henry
  • Ms. Ginger E. P. Jones
  • Mrs. Linda J. (Kirn) Knapp
  • Mr. Lawrence Lane
  • Ms. Cynthia E. Melas
  • Miss Kathleen A. Moore
  • Dr. Marsha M. Murninghan
  • Mr. Bruce G. Olsen
  • Dr. Andrew J. Penniman
  • Mrs. Margaret H. (Winchester) Peterson
  • Mr. Brian J. Rosenthal
  • Mrs. Heidi A. (Ulmer) Sorensen
  • Miss Jane A. Stevens
  • Mrs. Betsy J. (Hennings) Vincent
  • Mr. Chris H. Wallman
  • Mr. William C. Wares
  • Mrs. Linda S. (Hall) Wilde
  • Mrs. Anita L. Acree Larson
  • Mr. William C. Alsover
  • Miss Brenda S. Anderson
  • Mrs. Elena A. (Chodakowski) Anderson
  • Miss Kathy L. Arbuckle
  • Senator Phillip J. Arthurhultz
  • Mr. Arthur G. Baldwin
  • Miss Pamela D. Banks
  • Mr. Brian T. Barrie
  • Miss Marianne Baum
  • Mrs. Karen R. (Weiser) Berley
  • Miss Martha S. Bidlack
  • Miss Barbara L. Black
  • Mr. John K. Blumenshine
  • Mrs. Mary H. (Willhite) Bradshaw
  • Mrs. Phyllis A. (Goodrich) Bryan
  • Mrs. Lynne L. (Gray) Buck
  • Miss Judy L. Canter
  • Miss Deborah J. Carr
  • Mrs. Karen K. (Broadhead) Carroll
  • Dr. Jacqueline Caul
  • Miss Nancy L. Chapel
  • Miss Julie A. Clark
  • Mr. Robert L. Clark
  • Miss Nancy L. Clarke
  • Miss Constance B. Cole
  • Miss Cathleen A. Collyer
  • Miss Wendy J. Conn
  • Miss Cathleen S. Conway
  • Mrs. Marsha (Juillet) Cox
  • Miss Terry L. Cox
  • Mrs. Martha J. (Knox) Culp
  • Mr. Bruce A. Cygnar
  • Mr. Richard O. Dimond
  • Miss Deborah A. Draper
  • Mrs. Susan (Jordan) Draper
  • Mr. Dennis P. Duika
  • Miss Alison S. Dunnette
  • Miss Susan L. Ellis
  • Mr. Gabriel H. Ferris
  • Mr. Owen R. Fite
  • Miss Penelope P. Fleming
  • Mrs. Dorian J. (Day) Ford
  • Mr. John P. Formella
  • Miss Betsey S. Foster
  • Mr. Laurence A. Freier
  • Ms. Sally Garlick
  • Mrs. Nancy J. (Stomberg) Gee
  • Mrs. Deborah Kae (Williams) Glasgow
  • Mr. Mark W. Goist
  • Miss Christine L. Goodale
  • Miss Gertrud Granstrom
  • Miss Marjorie A. Green
  • Miss Alice A. Grieb
  • Miss Sharon M. Grinnell
  • Mrs. Wendy A. (Seaton) Hall
  • Ms. Lynda S. (Pryor) Hamilton
  • Mr. Ronald L. Hanson
  • Miss Janet M. Hardy
  • Miss Lauralee Hayes
  • Mr. Kenneth L. Henderson
  • Miss Patricia M. Henion
  • Mr. Steven L. Herold
  • Miss Marilyn K. Horner
  • Mrs. Suzette L. (Eggleston) Horton
  • Mrs. Anne M. (Burch) Houle
  • Mr. Patrick W. Hudson
  • Mr. Robert M. Hurand
  • Mr. Paul A. Jacobs
  • Mrs. Mary L. (Abbe) Johnson
  • Mrs. Susan E. (Chadwick) Johnson
  • Mr. John L. Kadela
  • Miss Kathleen M. Kaiser
  • Mr. Jonathan D. Kaplan
  • Miss Martha J. Kern
  • Mrs. Kathleen M. (Snyder) Klumpp
  • Miss Ann L. Konrad
  • Miss Ann L. Krueger
  • Mr. Michael J. Lantz
  • Mrs. Linda L. (Griffin) Largo
  • Mr. Michael A. Lee
  • Mrs. Johanna L. (Yansen) Lewis
  • Mr. Phillip S. Lewis
  • Miss Melinda R. Lockard
  • Mrs. Carol T. (Blaisdell) Luke
  • Miss Karen L. Mach
  • Miss Victoria H. Martin
  • Mrs. Katherine J. Mason Nelson
  • Mr. Herschel Mathews
  • Mrs. Pamyla (Lennox) Matthews
  • Mr. Robert B. McClure
  • Dr. John M. McMahan
  • Miss Judith E. McNabney
  • Mrs. Cathy L. (Malpass) Mentzer
  • Mr. Stephen R. Middaugh
  • Mrs. Patricia A. (Barker) Mielke
  • Miss Judithann Motzkus
  • Mrs. Jeanne C. (Webb) Musser
  • Mr. Thomas R. Notey
  • Miss Kay N. Novak
  • Miss Marcia L. Palshook
  • Mr. Brian H. Papenhagen
  • Mrs. Deborah I. (Church) Parker
  • Miss Nanci J. Pierce
  • Miss Linda A. Place
  • Miss Leslie J. Pollak
  • Mr. Albert Pouhe
  • Miss Ann S. Poznak
  • Mr. Richard O. Price
  • Mrs. Martha A. (Moore) Purchis
  • Mr. Michael D. Queen
  • Miss Linda J. Rae
  • Miss Janis M. Ranhosky
  • Mrs. Deborah A. (Harmon) Ratliff
  • Mrs. Karen L. (Seegers) Reifsnyder
  • Mrs. Beverly (Hiscock) Reitsema
  • Miss Rebecca S. Richard
  • Mrs. Christine (Knox) Richardson
  • Mr. Darrell G. Rickman
  • Miss Karyn J. Riddle
  • Mrs. Cathleen C. (McGhee) Rini
  • Mrs. Susan C. (Tjomsland) Ritz
  • Miss Deborah A. Robbins
  • Miss Nancy L. Rogers
  • Mr. Daniel L. Rousseau
  • Miss Ursula Rusch
  • Miss Charlotte Russell
  • Dr. S. Len Schenck
  • Miss Kathy L. Scherbarth
  • Miss Grayce Schoen
  • Mrs. Alison R. (Leonard) Scott
  • Mr. George P. Seedorff
  • Miss Julie M. Sellman
  • Miss Dolores E. Semmler
  • Mr. Douglas R. Shafer
  • Miss Doris Simpson
  • Mr. Randolph W. Sly
  • Mr. John J. Snyder
  • Mr. Bradley D. Spotts
  • Mr. John Stark
  • Mr. James F. Starr
  • Miss Pamela K. Starr
  • Miss Pamela J. Stevens
  • Miss Susan V. Stewart
  • Mr. Charles F. Stilec
  • Miss Gail A. Stuck
  • Miss Holly B. Suits
  • Mr. Mark S. Sutton
  • Mrs. Kathleen A. (Schreiber) Taupa
  • Mrs. Barbara K. (Harrison) Thurmond
  • Mr. Christopher Todd
  • Miss Mary A. Turner
  • Miss Gretchen S. Valade
  • Mrs. Kathleen (Kirkpatrick) Vanravenswaay
  • Mr. William A. Vine
  • Mr. Douglas S. Walker
  • Miss Joyce M. Walker
  • Miss Christine M. Wallace
  • Mr. Milton E. Wallace
  • Mrs. Becky L. (Casady) Wern
  • Mr. Peter Wessels
  • Miss Kristen A. Wetterhahn
  • Mr. Peter F. Whipple
  • Ms. Barbara (Hammel) Wilkes
  • Miss Francine Williams
  • Mr. James S. Willis
  • Mr. Terry L. Wilson
  • Mr. James M. Wineman
  • Ms. Linda K. (Byce) Winkelmann
  • Miss Barbara J. Winquist
  • Mr. Mark D. Wollam
  • Mr. Peter Wolslau
  • Miss Patricia D. Wolverton
  • Miss Ellen J. Woodworth
  • Mr. Thomas J. Young
  • Mr. Chris Zafiroff Jr.
  • Mr. Chester E. Zaremba Jr.

Class of 1976

  • Mrs. Rebecca (Czebatul) Busler
  • Mr. Richard C. Crawford
  • Miss Denise S. Dziuba
  • Miss Paula V. Fleming
  • Ms. Mary Jo Henretty-Jornales
  • Mr. David A. Lausman
  • Ms. P. Howerton Lucas
  • Mrs. Barbara Ann (Brown) MacGillivary
  • Miss Patricia M. Martin
  • Mr. Robert M. Richards
  • Mr. Jeffrey J. Rinz
  • Mr. John P. Schmidt, Jr.
  • Mr. William W. Sze
  • Mr. Robert VanCleef
  • Mr. Geoffrey Vasquez
  • Ms. Martha L. Walker
  • Mr. Edgardo Alegria
  • Mr. Richard H. Arnott
  • Miss Karen L. Ballor
  • Mrs. Mary K. (Bueche) Barkley
  • Miss Deborah L. Barry
  • Mr. Paul F. Bell
  • Miss Jennifer K. Benner
  • Miss Susan B. (Whittaker) Biondolillo
  • Miss Beverly J. Bitterman
  • Miss Ann E. Blackford
  • Mr. Craig J. Bock
  • Mrs. Mary K. (Millis) Bordenave
  • Miss Marsha G. Bowen
  • Miss Kristin Brechenser
  • Mr. Walter R. Burnette
  • Mr. John G. Callan
  • Miss Cheryl L. Callis
  • Miss Carol J. Casselman
  • Mr. James R. Chambers
  • Mr. Charles E. Columbus
  • Miss Linda J. Conti
  • Mr. Gary L. Cook
  • Mr. Philip J. D'Arcy
  • Mr. Joseph D. Day
  • Miss Kimberly Dean
  • Miss Gail E. Dewitt
  • Mr. Andrey I. Duzey
  • Mr. Craig M. Ellis
  • Mr. Robert W. Engel
  • Mr. Robert K. Engerski
  • Mr. David J. Forgione
  • Miss Shelley J. Fox
  • Miss Nancy A. Freedman
  • Miss Barbara A. Frink
  • Mr. Gary G. Geisen
  • Mr. Roger K. Gillard
  • Miss Victoria A. Gillespie
  • Mr. Daniel D. Green
  • Steven L. Gross
  • Mrs. Constance L. (Caldwell) Harmon
  • Miss Alicia A. Hatton
  • Mrs. Johanna Hayes
  • Miss Cindy S. Heap
  • Mrs. Mary Lou (Storey) Herald
  • Mr. Mark W. Hewett
  • Mr. Randall J. Heydenburg
  • Mr. Joseph M. Higgins
  • Miss Kathleen A. Holzapfel
  • Miss Marjorie C. Hook
  • Mrs. Susan (Karnap) Hopkins
  • Miss Kathleen A. Hunt
  • Darcy Neal (Neal) Janz
  • Mr. Allister M. Jeck
  • Mr. Jay T. Jenkins
  • Mrs. Jana (Rivers) Johns
  • Mr. Paul L. Johnson
  • Miss Mary V. Johnston
  • Miss Aprille A. Jordan
  • Miss Janis C. Kadela
  • Miss Louise E. Kasl
  • Miss Karen J. Kelly
  • Mrs. Cynthia L. (Merrill) Kester
  • Miss Ellen A. Kindy
  • Miss Jill G. Kinsman
  • Mr. Steven J. Kosinski
  • Mr. Michael E. Kotnik
  • Mr. Steven M. Krohn
  • Mr. Brent C. Lacy
  • Miss Sue A. Ladd
  • Miss Nora G. Leven
  • Miss Nancy G. Loeffler
  • Miss Mellissa C. Lovett
  • Mr. Robert D. Luscombe
  • Mrs. Susan P. (Senolein) Luscombe
  • Miss Donna M. Lynds
  • Miss Lynn E. Mader
  • Mr. Thomas Mahoney
  • Mr. Issa Manai
  • Miss Ann K. Marcoux
  • Mr. David C. Marino
  • Mr. Philip R. Marquart
  • Miss Nancy L. McAlpine
  • Miss Annemarie McClellan
  • Mr. James B. McClure
  • Mr. Michael G. McMahan
  • Mr. Giovanni Migaldi
  • Miss Miriam G. Montgomery
  • Mr. Jeffrey L. Moon
  • Mr. Michael G. Moon
  • Mr. Lee P. Morningstar
  • Mr. Vaughn L. Morrison
  • Ms. Jayne L. (Rygh) Nolen
  • Mr. James R. Ortiz
  • Mr. Rick Pamplin
  • Miss Christine M. Parker
  • Miss Serene E. Pastor
  • Miss Sandra M. Pearce
  • Mr. Craig Pedersen
  • Mr. Stephen J. Perrone
  • Mr. Andrew K. Pflug
  • Miss Barbara J. Phillips
  • Mr. Michael R. Plehn
  • Miss Pamela G. Poynter
  • Miss Laurie L. Querfeld
  • Mr. Thomas C. Reber
  • Mr. Donald K. Reid
  • Mr. Stewart G. Rouleau
  • Mr. Kenneth C. Rump Jr.
  • Miss Karen S. Schlagel
  • Miss Rebecca L. Schubering
  • Mr. William C. Schultz
  • Miss Jennifer J. Shandler
  • Mr. Barry W. Shellenbarger
  • Mrs. Kelly A. (Gardner) Shellenbarger
  • Miss Lynn M. Siller
  • Mr. David H. Simpson
  • Miss Mary J. Sisson
  • Miss Dawn M. Slayden
  • Mr. Garcia Smith
  • Mr. Richard R. Smith
  • Mr. Michael F. Solms
  • Mr. Andrew J. Stafford
  • Miss Julia K. Steeb
  • Miss Karen F. Stewart
  • Miss Judith A. Stimson
  • Miss Susan J. Stoner
  • Mr. Kurt G. Strickland
  • Miss Laurel J. Tapper
  • Mr. Frank D. Taylor
  • Miss Cathy L. Tessmer
  • Mr. Jeffrey F. Thomas
  • Miss Amy Towsley
  • Miss Cynthia A. Tulik
  • Mr. Michael H. Wagner
  • Miss Rebecca L. Warner
  • Miss Barbara A. Watkins
  • Miss Debra S. Weiss
  • Miss Lorie J. Welsh
  • Mrs. Colleen M. (Aalsburg) Wiessner
  • Miss Janet L. Williams
  • Miss Mary E. Williams
  • Mr. Van H. Williams III
  • Miss Sandra A. Williamson
  • Mr. Steven S. Wittenberg
  • Mr. Daniel C. Wolven
  • Mr. Douglas G. Worley
  • Mr. James F. Zerweck

Class of 1981

  • Ms. Laura S. Amtsbuechler
  • Miss Kimberly A. Bennett
  • Miss Tamara J. Bos
  • Mr. James P. Carson
  • Mr. Eric D. Eschenbach
  • Mr. Dietrich F. Fischer
  • Mrs. Katreana McAlpine Gaither
  • Mr. R. Bates Gill
  • Dr. Jeffrey P. Greenman
  • Mr. David L. Hammocks
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Higgins
  • Miss Gail A. Kirkman
  • Mr. David C. Laven
  • Mrs. Beth S. (Doublestein) Mezey
  • Dr. Michael M. Mlsna
  • Mrs. Mary (Webb) Mulvaney
  • Mr. Gary L. Nash
  • Mr. James F. Reed
  • Ms. Laura K. (Robinson) Rodriguez
  • Mr. Hashim A. Shata
  • Dr. Sandra L. Smith
  • Mr. David S. Spear
  • Mr. Amir A. Yeganeh-Haeri
  • Mr. John M. Zeller
  • Miss Linda S. Albertzart
  • Miss Pamela A. Angle
  • Mr. Anthony C. Armstrong
  • Miss Suzanne B. Barlow
  • Mr. Derle G. Barnes
  • Miss Margaret P. Bartholomew
  • Miss Deborah A. Bowers
  • Mr. David S. Brammer
  • Miss Nora E. Brautigam
  • Miss Lisa Broscheid
  • Miss Amy B. Buttrick
  • Mr. Douglas W. Butts
  • Miss Elizabeth J. Byrum
  • Mrs. Clarissa (Plumer) Canning
  • Mrs. Laurie G. (Oldfather) Chapman
  • Mrs. Ann E. (Mulholland) Charland
  • Miss Linda A. Chasson
  • Miss Ann Louise Click
  • Miss Sharon E. Cook
  • Mr. Kevin J. Coon
  • Mr. Gilbert Cyppel
  • Miss Barbara A. Dahringer
  • Miss Jayme J. Daskaloff
  • Miss Darcy D. Davis
  • Miss Sharon R. Deboer
  • Miss Suzanne Ditommaso
  • Mr. David G. Dugger
  • Miss Cynthia L. Evenson
  • Miss Leslie A. Flanagan
  • Mr. Todd A. Flood
  • Mr. Tameron J. Francis
  • Mr. Peter S. Frantz
  • Miss Jan S. Gaylord
  • Mr. Glenn W. Gibson
  • Mr. Charles F. Gothro
  • Miss Jill R. Grommons
  • Miss Pamela J. Grostic
  • Mrs. Diane (Korb) Hagele
  • Miss Meredith I. Hanson
  • Mr. Scott K. Harris
  • Mr. Daniel F. Heenan
  • Miss Susan D. Hermsen
  • Mr. Paul W. Hillman
  • Miss Julie D. Hudson
  • Mrs. Janet H. (Shuler) Isaacs
  • Miss Brit K. Jacobson
  • Mr. John F. Jakubowski
  • Miss Beth E. Johnson
  • Miss Joan F. Johnson
  • Mr. Aaron J. Kaufer
  • Mr. Todd W. Kleppe
  • Mr. Gordon E. Koschtial
  • Miss Linda J. Kretz
  • Mr. Thomas C. Laine
  • Mr. Fred S. Lamb
  • Miss Mary S. Leslie
  • Miss Leslie E. Little
  • Miss Wynne F. Lokken
  • Mr. James P. Lusty
  • Miss Claudia V. Lynn
  • Miss Deborah E. Mansell
  • Mr. Robert M. Mantho
  • Mr. John T. Martinek
  • Mrs. Joan Mason-Grant
  • Miss Mary A. McCaughey
  • Miss Mary C. McColl
  • Miss Diana J. Mills
  • Miss Maribeth A. Naines
  • Miss Nancy J. Neithercut
  • Mr. John M. Parker
  • Mr. Harry D. Porter
  • Ms. Rhonda D. Reid
  • Mr. Dean M. Richards
  • Miss Holly B. Richardson
  • Mr. Jeffrey Riddell
  • Miss Joan M. Robinson
  • Miss Valerie J. Rosman
  • Mr. Gregory S. Sanders
  • Miss Camille E. Sargent
  • Miss Nancy A. Schuberg
  • Miss Brett Ann Smith
  • Miss Kathryn Kim Smith
  • Miss Lyn Ann Stehlik
  • Mr. Steven Strumer
  • Mr. Michael J. Swanson
  • Mr. James E. Ter Meer
  • Mr. Jeffrey L. Thorne
  • Mr. James L. Touscany Jr.
  • Mr. Douglas J. Vermeulen
  • Miss Susan M. Ward
  • Mr. Mark A. White
  • Miss Mary B. Whitney

Class of 1986

  • Mr. Joseph J. Gonzalez
  • Mr. Christopher M. Griffiths
  • Ms. Lynn A. Hamel
  • Ms. Christy (Sanders) MacDonald
  • Mr. Erich E. Miller
  • Mr. Gary T. Neher
  • Mr. David J. Nickola
  • Ms. Nancy Summers
  • Mr. Clinton E. Alexander
  • Miss Susan M. Allen
  • Mr. Ronald C. Baker
  • Miss Kathryn A. Connor
  • Devany K. Donigan
  • Mr. David E. Dowding
  • Miss Helene P. Dreyer
  • Miss Sue E. Dunwoody
  • Ms. Christina M. Gaut-Durrah
  • Miss Autumn J. Grimm
  • Dr. Ulrich G. Haas
  • Mr. John Halland V
  • Miss Maria M. Hurtado
  • Mr. Bruce D. Kaercher
  • Mrs. Faith C. (Graham) Kanatzidis
  • Mr. Joe R. Klingenmeyer
  • Miss Margaret R. Kotowicz
  • Miss Kimberly M. McCrea
  • Mr. Andrew F. McKenna
  • Miss Holly McKinley
  • Miss Katherine L. McKnight
  • Miss Deborah L. Morton
  • Miss Rochelle L. O'Neill
  • Mr. Robert C. Podlesak
  • Mr. Tom R. Rose
  • Miss Julia L. Russell
  • Miss Lynn M. Schneider
  • Mr. James E. Schoenle
  • Ms. Elizabeth D. (Drury) Trautmann
  • Miss Margaret A. Villarreal
  • Mr. Jay W. Winans
  • Miss M. Victoria Yepes

Class of 1991

  • Mr. Paul R. Anderson
  • Mr. W. Scott Banfield
  • Mr. Matthew P. Banovic
  • Mr. Ronald A. Banovic
  • Mr. Robert A. Beall
  • Miss Mary E. Bradley
  • Mr. Brian P. Brown
  • Mr. James S. Buettner
  • Ellen (Wilderom) Clements
  • Mr. Dillon M. Dalton
  • Mr. Alvaro de Gregorio
  • Mr. Michael D. Engel
  • Mrs. Karen A. (Fox) Festa
  • Mr. M. Christian Hardin
  • Mr. Jeffrey J. Herman
  • Mr. Jacob C. Hooker
  • Miss Krivoy O. Knowles
  • Miss Janel M. Lang
  • Miss Suzanne G. Learmont
  • Miss Michelle M. Leflere
  • Mrs. Melissa J. (Sears) Mathers
  • Mrs. Joli L. (Scheidler) Murphy
  • Miss Angelique M. Nyboer
  • Mr. Alex R. Parker
  • Mrs. Lori (Draves) Rimoni
  • Mr. John P. Roth
  • Mr. Jesus F. Ruiz-Jarabo
  • Mr. Brad D. Seng
  • Mrs. Kaari K. (Keivit) Sherman
  • Miss Kerrie L. Stephens
  • Miss Terri M. Worm
  • Miss Karen J. Bartlett
  • Miss Kathleen H. Beal
  • Miss Melanie J. Behr
  • Miss Jill A. Cubba
  • Mr. Scott A. DiPietro
  • Mr. Thomas Fabian
  • Mr. Mark A. Hankala
  • Miss Christina L. Hornev
  • Mrs. Macarena Hortelano
  • Mr. Brian T. Hussey
  • Mr. Kenichiro Kato
  • Miss Kiersten F. King
  • Mr. Karl R. Koelling
  • Miss Wendy E. Larson
  • Miss Sara A. Matz
  • Mr. Oscar E. Ortiz
  • Mrs. Jennifer (Maher) Probst
  • Miss Nicoletta T. Shepperd
  • Mr. Christopher T. Traynor
  • Miss Shirley I. Valverde
  • Mr. Paul F. Van Huffel
  • Mr. Thomas G. Weber

Class of 1996

  • Mrs. Andrea T. (Stubbs) Barnes
  • Dr. Nicole R. Bibbee
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Bockstanz
  • Mr. Mark M. Brankovich
  • Mr. Joel H. Campbell
  • Mr. Donald E. Conklin
  • Mrs. Rachel A. (Hessen) Cook
  • Ms. Andrea L. Fitzgerald
  • Mr. Arthur C. Harris
  • Ms. Corinne E. Haydon
  • Mr. Gene S. Hou
  • Mr. Jacob M. Howard
  • Mr. Kevin S. Kalasz
  • Mrs. Siphiwe N. Mashinini-Nigl
  • Ms. Wendi R. Mrozinski
  • Mr. John H. Peterson III
  • Ms. Jeena L. Sonnenberg
  • Mr. Alex Clark
  • Mr. Venugopala S. Evani
  • Miss Candace G. Funk
  • Mr. Steven L. King
  • Ms. Melissa M. Knepple
  • Miss Jan R. Latimer
  • Ms. Karen LePage
  • Miss Heather J. MacNeil
  • Mr. Russell Marzullo
  • Ms. Shelly L. McDonald
  • Miss Therese M. Menghini
  • Ms. Julianne M. Palmer
  • Miss Lisa Peterman
  • Miss Nicole B. Phardel
  • Miss Anita Roberts
  • Miss Katrina Stahl
  • Mr. Raveend C. Thabolingam
  • Miss Kirstin Thomason
  • Mr. Masaki Yamada
  • Mr. Scott P. Zack

Class of 2001

  • Ms. Julie A. Behan
  • Mr. Adam W. Brown
  • Ms. Leslie H. DuBois
  • Mr. Marshall P. Houserman
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Johnson
  • Ms. Stacey R. Johnson
  • Ms. Haley A. Koop
  • Mr. Kevin B. Kruger
  • Ms. Blanca L. Marsh-Weinstock
  • Ms. Treasa A. Merchant
  • Mr. Eric D. Petroelje
  • Christine A. Putnam
  • Mr. Christopher B. Ramos
  • Ms. Danielle K. Redburn
  • Ms. Heather M. Schmidt
  • Ms. Kathrin Schwesig
  • Ms. Katherine R. Shires
  • Mrs. Katherine A. (Brimmer) Stinar
  • Mr. Ndubisi C. Umeh
  • Ms. Megan J. Wallenfang
  • Ms. Holly A. Bonino
  • Mr. Leonard A. Britt
  • Mr. Jeffery J. Burden
  • Mr. Kenneth A. Cameron
  • Mr. Fred C. Clay III
  • Ms. Tiffany A. Kaempf
  • Mr. Alex J. Masserang
  • Ms. Ethnee N. Petrucco
  • Mr. Walter J. Power
  • Ms. Jessica L. Radtkin
  • Mr. Walter K. Smith
  • Mrs. Meghan-Margret A. VanBuren

Class of 2006

  • Ms. Robin N. Aleo
  • Mr. Scott C. Boetefuer
  • Mr. Nicholas E. Boggs
  • Mr. Jeremy Brohl
  • Ms. Jessica L. Brousseau
  • Mr. Parker A. Burgess
  • Mr. Raymond D. Burton
  • Mr. Kevin W. Capehart
  • Ms. Reinalyn S. DelaTorre
  • Ms. Deanna M. DeRoo
  • Mr. Giovanni A. Dimatteo
  • Ms. Erin M. Elmore
  • Ms. Rachel D. Fortino
  • Ms. Sarah N. Gebhardt
  • Ms. Stephanie L. Greenfield
  • Mr. Matthew J. Grissom
  • Ms. Samantha R. Hill
  • Mr. Jason W. Hinchey
  • Mr. Tyler M. Hunter
  • Mrs. Megan A. (Russell) Johnson
  • Ms. Lynn M. Kulpa
  • Ms. Jocelyn E. Manby
  • Ms. Breanna R. Mangus
  • Ms. Tracey R. Martin
  • Mr. Dionte J. Miller
  • Mr. Aaron A. Mitchell
  • Ms. Katie L. Novak
  • Mr. Steven T. Peruski
  • Ms. Kara S. Presley
  • Ms. Jody N. Klein
  • Ms. Sarah K. Schulze
  • Mrs. Marianne M. Schwartz
  • Ms. Kerry B. Shagene
  • Ms. Elizabeth V. Shepard
  • Mr. Ryan L. Stack
  • Mr. John T. Trantum
  • Ms. Lindsay M. Weber
  • Ms. Holly L. Adamson
  • Ms. Dominique M. Allen
  • Mr. Brandon A. Avila
  • Mr. Andrew H. Braaksma
  • Mr. Joseph A. Donajkowski
  • Mr. Colin M. Ellsworth
  • Mr. Sean M. Fish
  • Ms. Jennifer A. Hanson
  • Ms. Corrie A. Hathaway
  • Mr. Nathan W. Holling
  • Ms. Jessica M. Jacobs
  • Mr. Douglas F. Scholl
  • Ms. Euijung Suh

Class of 2011

  • Mr. Aaron M. Bender
  • Mr. Stephen E. Congdon
  • Ms. Kristen R. Coulter
  • Mr. J.C. Cruse
  • Ms. Sasha L. Dorsett
  • Mr. Adam M. Enders
  • Mr. Austin M. Feeney
  • Ms. Grace B. Gibson
  • Ms. Robyn L. Gorski
  • Shu He
  • Mr. Derek C. Jackson
  • Ms. Kimberly A. Kocur
  • Mr. Joshua T. Linton
  • Mr. Peter B. Lundholm
  • Ms. Jessica Marcy-Quay
  • Ms. Kelly L. McNear
  • Mr. Tyler J. Melvin
  • Ms. Amy L. Sorenson
  • Ms. Elizabeth A. Williams
  • Mr. Matthew A. Zaborowicz
  • Ms. Caitlin E. Flohe
  • Ms. Lisa Lefere
  • Mr. Alec R. Magaluk
  • Ms. Sarah L. McPike
  • Miss Jordan K. Pearce
  • Ms. Rachel R. Spangle
  • Mr. Matthew R. Tulpa
  • Ms. Amber Walz

Albion's World War II Honor Roll

‘These Dead Shall
Not Have Died in Vain’

Jack Garlent, ’40

Pilot Jack Garlent, ’40, proudly displayed his Albion ties on the plane he flew in combat over Europe. He was killed Sept. 9, 1944 while strafing a supply train over Wetzler, Germany.

Hey Girls! This one's coming to Albion next year - and he's under draft age!

The military draft meant that male students were exceedingly scarce on Albion's campus during most of the War. (Pleiad)

In the Report of the President, December 21, 1945, President William Whitehouse recounted the impact of World War II on the Albion College campus community: “Over 1,000 alumni participated as members of the armed forces in this global struggle. In addition, a large number were in the war effort filling non-military appointments.” Sadly, 41 were reported as either killed in action or missing. The list of those who lost their lives appears below.

Now, history professor Wesley Dick and Chris Blaker, ’14, have begun an effort to provide formal recognition of these servicemembers through a campus memorial. For more information, contact Wesley Dick at .

Alumni are encouraged to send the names and details of service of any other alumni who were in the military during World War II via e-mail to or via postal mail to: Editor, Io Triumphe!, Albion College, 611 E. Porter St., Albion, MI 49224. This information will be housed in the College Archives and remain part of the memorial project.

Albion’s World War II Honor Roll

(Names appear in the order reported.)

  • Dwight Barney, ’33
  • Lawrence Peretto, ’40
  • Fray Albert McMillan, ’38
  • John R. Gray, ’43
  • Ens. William Cuthbertson, ’38
  • Sgt. Richmond S. Clark, ’35
  • Lt. John N. Gessinger, ’39
  • Paul Thurston Roberts, ’39
  • Lt. D. Roberts Schmidt, ’42
  • Donald S. Wright, ’46
  • Lt. G. Arthur Blanchard, Jr., ’41
  • Cpl. Maurice G. Kosier, ’45
  • Lt. Harry Allchin, ’44
  • Ens. Thomas Yuill, ’39
  • Lt. Ralph Lindemann, ’41
  • Sgt. George E. Dean, Jr., ’42
  • Cpl. Armand Federico, ’45
  • Capt. Richard L. Peckham, ’35
  • Major Lewis A. Weimer, ’37
  • Lt. John H. Garlent, ’40
  • Capt. Arthur Shapiro, ’40
  • Clifford Jayson, ’44
  • John B. Hoffman, ’46
  • Cpl. Ogle L. Long, Jr., ’44
  • Major Herman M. Lord, ’34
  • Capt. Herbert Kaufman, ’35
  • Bruce R. Handeyside, ’39
  • Stanley Carrick, ’45
  • Pvt. Jack Poppen, ’46
  • Robert Rafelson, ’37
  • Lt. Arnold M. Boe, ’41
  • Lt. (j.g.) Howard Simons, ’41
  • Lt. Robert Simpson, ’43


  • Herman C. Crowe, ’34
  • Robert L. Clark, ’43
  • A/C Donald McCall, ’46
  • Capt. Cyril G. Browne, ’37
  • Ens. Franklin Ward DeYoung, ’43
  • Ens. Robert L. Harper, ’44
  • Cpl. John H. Waite, ’44
  • Lt. Neil Hebinger, ’44

Editor’s note: Those reported as missing were eventually determined to be killed in action.

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