What is Phishing?

Phishing occurs when someone attempts to use electronic communication such as email to fraudulently acquire confidential information such as your password by pretending to be a trusted person or part of a trusted group.

How does phishing work?

Phishing is a form of social engineering, the art of manipulating people into sharing confidential information or performing a desired action. Phishing attacks are commonly transmitted via email and social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How will they encourage me to share my information?

Phishers typically present a plausible scenario and often take advantage of the recipient’s fear, greed or lust. They also often present a sense of urgency. Examples include messages that:

  • Tell you that your account was misused by you and will be disabled
  • Tell you that your account was compromised and will be disabled
  • Tell you that your Mailbox has reached its limit and will be disabled

What might the phisher ask for?

  • Your password
  • Account number, card number, PIN, access code
  • Personally identifiable information like your date of birth, Social Security number or address
  • Confidential information like student records, financial records or technical information

Signs of a potential phishing attack

If the communication you receive exhibits any of the following, it may be a phishing attack.

  • You are asked for confidential information
  • You are asked to visit a web page with a suspicious or unexpected address
  • You do not recognize the sender or the sender does not normally contact you
  • You recognize the sender, but the sender’s email address, alias or name spelling are unusual
  • You’re told something negative will occur if you don’t supply the requested information
  • The writing style is unusual

How to protect yourself

  • Ask yourself whether you should be sharing the information requested
  • If the supposed sender is someone or an organization known to you, contact them to discuss the request
  • Use a browser that alerts you when you attempt to visit known phishing websites
  • Before you click a link, inspect it
  • If unsure of a link’s authenticity, use a link you know or find the link via a search engine

Motor Pool - Passenger Vans

12 and 15 Passenger Vans

E-form Reservations

An E-form (four part form available through central stores) is necessary to schedule a 12 or 15 passenger van. The following information must appear on the E-form: account number for charges, group/class name, contact person and their extension, number of vans needed, purpose of trip, destination, date(s) and time van is needed, name(s) of approved driver(s), and signature(s) of approval.

Residential Life must approve requests for Residential Life functions. CPO must approve requests for student groups/organizations. Requests for First Year Experience must be approved by Drew Dunham, Registrar's Office. Albion College motor pool 12 and 15 passenger vans are to be used only for College-related business, the Business Office must approve any exception before vehicles can be scheduled. Per the PET AND OTHER ANIMAL policy for Albion College, animals (with the exception of service animals) are not to be transported in motor pool vehicles.

Approved Drivers

It is the responsibility of the department/group/organization to find approved drivers. Albion College staff and student driver names must appear on the "Approved Driver List" to drive a motor pool 12 or 15 passenger van. The process for applying to become an approved driver is now electronic, and is described below:

  • Persons wishing to apply to become approved drivers should go to the College Vehicle Driver Registration form, and provide the requested information.
  • Once completed, this information is e-mailed to Campus Safety and Alert Driving. Campus Safety will begin the process of obtaining your driving record, in accordance with College policy.
  • You will receive an email from Alert Driving with URL and password to log on to take your test. You must complete the online training within 14 days of receiving this email.
  • Upon your successful completion of the online training, print your completion certificate and contact the Campus Safety office to schedule your driving test. Driving tests are conducted on Thursdays. To schedule a test, call x0213 and ask for Carl Field, or e-mail . (Tests may be administered on days other than Thursday under special circumstances.)
  • Campus Safety will notify you confirming your authorization to drive a College van. NOTE: Obtaining driving records can take four to six weeks.


The charge for using a 12 or 15 passenger van is currently $.40/mile. The per mile charge includes gas. If you are travelling a distance you will be provided with gas cards to use. Please place gas slips in the envelope with the checklist and keys.

Changes And Cancellations

Please notify us of any changes in dates or numbers of vehicles needed so we can check on availability. Please notify us of any cancellations ASAP. If the cancellation policy is abused you may be charged $25/vehicle reserved.

Key Pick Up

Keys can be signed out by the approved driver Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. in the Facilities Building. Keys for weekend travel need to be signed out on Friday; HOWEVER, you must not take the vehicle until the date and time scheduled.

Overnight Trips

Groups traveling overnight must provide Campus Safety with the following information PRIOR to departure:

  • names and emergency contact information for each person traveling
  • detailed itinerary (including accommodations and cell phone numbers)
  • signed release form for each person traveling in the van

These forms can be obtained in the CPO office or online on the Student Organization Resources website.

If you are traveling with luggage, no more than 12 people can be transported in a van.

12 And 15 Passenger Van Pick Up And Drop Off

Monday through Friday all vehicles are ready by 9 a.m. on the day they are reserved for. If you need the vehicle(s) before 9 a.m., let us know so arrangements can be made to have it ready.

When you sign out the keys you will be given an envelope with the key(s) and checklist(s). Please remember to check the gas gauge prior to leaving town.

When you return the vehicle(s), completely fill out the check list(s). It serves as a reminder to clean out loose trash and personal items and to secure the vehicle(s). A garbage can is located next to the gas pump for trash, if excessive trash or other items are left in the vehicle you may be charged $25 cleaning fee. We are not responsible for any items left in the vehicle. On the checklist there is a section to report any damage to the vehicle while in your possession (even vandalism). List any mechanical concerns in the comment section. The envelope containing the completed checklist, keys and gas cards (if applicable) should be placed in the drop box next to the Central Receiving door on the west end of the building. DO NOT leave van keys in the van.

**If you were in an accident completely fill out an accident report (in the glove box with the insurance and registration information and emergency contact information). Attach a copy of the police report (or the officer's card with the department's phone number), and turn it in with the keys. We will contact the insurance company to file a claim if necessary.

Emergency Numbers And Accident Procedures

This information is also in the glove box with the insurance information. If you have a motor pool emergency Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., call: 517/629-0260 Laura McDowell, if you get voice mail, hang up and call 517/629-0230 Facilities Office.

After 5 p.m. and on the weekends, call Campus Safety at 517/629-1234 and let them know you have a motor pool emergency. They will contact the Facilities Supervisor on call. Make sure to leave your location, nature of the problem, and contact number with the Campus Safety dispatcher.

If you spend cash, or charge minor repairs to a personal card, make sure to save all receipts so we can reimburse expenses.

In the event that a College van is involved in an accident, the driver is responsible for ensuring that the steps listed below are taken:

  1. Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency, so that a police report may be completed.
  2. Contact Campus Safety at 517/629-5610 and advise the dispatcher of the accident.
    1. Notify Campus Safety of injured passengers and the hospital to which they are being transported.
    2. In the event that the vehicle is not driveable, Campus Safety will contact Facilities Operations to coordinate the disposition of the vehicle, the arrangement of alternate transportation and other necessary assistance for those on the trip as needed.
  3. Upon return to campus, notify Campus Services and Business Office of the accident, to include date, location, and police report number for the incident.

Payroll Dates

Fall Pay Periods

Pay Period Students Verification
to Supervisor
Supervisors Approved
Time Sheets to Payroll
Pay Date
Jan 2 – Jan 15Jan 17Jan 18Jan 26, 2017
Jan 16 – Jan 29Jan 31Feb 1Feb 9, 2017
Jan 30 – Feb 12Feb 14Feb 15Feb 23, 2017
Feb 13 – Feb 26Feb 28Mar 1Mar 9, 2017
Feb 27 – Mar 12Mar 14Mar 15Mar 23, 2017
Mar 13 – Mar 26Mar 28Mar 29Apr 6, 2017
Mar 27 – Apr 9Apr 11Apr 12Apr 20, 2017
Apr 10 – Apr 23Apr 25Apr 26May 4, 2017
Apr 24 – May 7May 9May 10May 18, 2017
May 8 – May 21May 23May 24June 1, 2017
May 22 – June 4June 6June 7June 15, 2017
June 5 – June 18June 20June 21June 29, 2017
June 19 – July 2July 4July 5July 13, 2017
July 3 – July 16July 18July 19July 27, 2017
July 17 – July 30Aug 1Aug 2Aug 10, 2017
July 31 – Aug 13Aug 15Aug 16Aug 24, 2017
Aug 14 – Aug 27Aug 29Aug 30Sept 7 , 2017
Aug 28 – Sept 10Sept 12Sept 13Sept 21, 2017
Sept 11 – Sept 24Sept 26Sept 27Oct 5, 2017
Sept 25 – Oct 8Oct 10Oct 11Oct 19, 2017
Oct 9 – Oct 22Oct 24Oct 25Nov 2, 2017
Oct 23 – Nov 5Nov 7Nov 8Nov 16, 2017
Nov 6 – Nov 19Nov 21Nov 22Nov 30, 2017
Nov 20 – Dec 3Dec 5Dec 6Dec 14, 2017**
Dec 4 – Dec 17Dec 19Dec 20Dec 28, 2017**
Dec 18 – Dec 31Jan 1Jan 2Jan 11, 2018

Students: It is your responsibility to "submit your time for approval" by the specified date each pay period. Not verifying your time entry will delay the processing of your pay check until the next scheduled pay date.

Supervisors: You must approve all time sheets by the stated date to ensure that your student employees are paid on the scheduled pay date.

Check Delivery: During the Academic year, student pay checks are delivered to the Kellogg Post Office and must be signed for. A form of ID is required to pick up your check.

Direct Deposit: Students are expected to participate in the direct deposit option for receiving their pay. A significant benefit of this program is the flexibility of not having to be on campus on pay day, particularly helpful for pay days that fall at the end of semesters and/or during breaks.

**For the dates indicated above. Your pay check will be mailed to your permanent Mailing Address on record with the College. If a student wants his or her pay check mailed to an address other than the mailing address on record the student must submit a self-addressed envelope and present his or her student ID at the time of delivery of the self-addressed envelope to Human Resources, located within Campus Safety.

If you have any questions, please call Angie Konkle in the Student Payroll/Human Resources Office (x-0203).

Washington Gardner Fitness Center

Washington Gardner Fitness Center

Grand Opening on Tuesday, January 17!

The student-only fitness center, located in the Washington Gardner school gymnasium on Michigan Avenue, was developed with general student fitness in mind. The Center measures 4,500 square feet and includes spin and recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, and treadmills for cardiovascular activities as well as plate-loaded machines and equipment for weightlifting.

Fitness Center entrance is located on N. Berrien St.



401 E Michigan Ave
Albion, MI 49224





Note: In order to work, you must be deemed eligible to work on campus by Student Employment. If you have held any other campus job you are all set. If you have never worked on campus before, you should complete the student employment registration process now. For more information on how to register for student employment please visit the Student Employment web site at:


Albion College understands student employees are students first and employees second. Students are expected to meet their commitments to the employment arrangement, arriving on time, completing work during scheduled hours and otherwise acting with dignity and respect for supervisors, staff, other students and other members of the College Community.

Albion College does not tolerate discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. Complaints should be referred immediately to the attention of the employee’s supervisor, manager, department chairperson or directly to the Office of Human Resources, 629-0205.

Summer student positions are limited to 40 hour per work week for all campus jobs. The work week runs from Sunday through Saturday regardless of when a pay period begins or ends.

Our Diversity

Our Diversity at Albion College.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Albion College is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, marital status, or veteran status as protected by law, in all educational programs and activities, admission of students, and conditions of employment.

Religious Diversity

Albion College is historically related with the United Methodist Church, the modern form of the denomination that founded the College in 1835. Albion College focuses on Christian unity and understanding diversity within Christianity. There are many different Christian groups on campus. In addition, people from other religious backgrounds are equally included in spiritual life at Albion College. There is no preferential treatment; the College has a core commitment to supporting a spiritually diverse campus and promoting academic freedom.

Faculty Resolution on College-Church Relationship

The Faculty of Albion College recognizes the long history of social activism, service, support for education, and tradition of character formation in the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church, both past and present, is internally diverse. Its members and leadership advocate a range of different ethical and political positions. Albion's Faculty interprets the College's United Methodist affiliation in accord with this diversity.

Therefore, the College's affiliation does not imply exclusive faculty endorsement of United Methodist social teachings or theological doctrines as presented in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. Albion does not integrate the social teachings of the Book of Discipline into its curriculum or treat them as expectations concerning the behavior of students, faculty, or staff.

One example of the faculty's neutrality regarding internal disagreements of the United Methodist Church concerns the theology and ethics of sexual orientation. Albion is committed to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. In light of the diversity of opinion and ongoing discussions within United Methodism about the theology and ethics of homosexual practice, marriage, and ordination (represented by groups such as Reconciling Ministries Network), Albion's faculty does not endorse the teachings of the Book of Discipline on these matters. Instead, the faculty seeks to facilitate fruitful ongoing dialogue about them.

By vote of the faculty members of Albion College, March 2015


Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode dressage symposium

Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode riding a lusitano. April 1-2, 2017

About Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode:

Eddy was born in the Netherlands and still currently resides there, but much of his early education with horses began in England, where he worked with hunters, ponies, show jumpers and military horses, and then in Germany where he studied at the Westfälische Reit un Fahrschule in Münster. After three years there, he completed his Bereiter exam in Warendorf. While in the Army, Eddy was stationed at the Dutch Royal stables in The Hague, where he met colonel Geza Von Hazslinkszky, whose instruction had a big influence on Eddy. (Sidenote: Past attendees of our Charles de Kunffy symposiums may recognize Geza's name from many of the model photos that Charles uses to describe the classical horsemen that have influenced his education as well!) During his years as an instructor at the dressage stables of Jan Nijland at Den Dolder in the Netherlands, Eddy had the opportunity to work up to the Grand Prix level with multiple horses. In 1979 he became the national Dutch champion in the Z-class with his horse Monarch, and in 1981 was the Dutch champion in the small tour classes with him as well. As an international dressage judge with the highest possible rating (FEI 5*), Eddy has been able to be a member of the ground jury for many prestigious events, including the FEI World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Verden, the FEI World Cup Dressage, and most recently the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Symposium details:

Albion College is pleased to welcome Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode for the third time with the help of Dr. Rob van Wessum ("Equine All Sports Medicine" in Mason, MI), who has been bringing Eddy to Michigan for clinics the last few years. He will be in Albion to judge our Intercollegiate Dressage Assoc. show on April 1. Once the College show ends, we can squeeze in a few rides on Saturday, and then there will be time on Sunday for more lessons before he leaves early afternoon.


The symposium will be spent at the Albion College Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center. Riding will take place in the newly rebuilt and improved Randi C. Heathman indoor arena. There will be bleacher seating for auditors. Riders may choose to do a full 45-minute lesson, or they may choose to "ride-a-test" of the dressage test of their choice, which will be judged by Eddy and then followed by a shorter lesson.



This time only: Enjoy auditing at no cost (due to unique and limited schedule). Lunch is on your own.


Riders and horses of all levels and abilities are encouraged to sign up and will be accepted until spots are full.

  • $295 per 45 minute lesson
  • $15 optional videography service of your rides (includes DVD)
  • $30 overnight stabling in permanent 12' x 12' matted stall with automatic waterer, bedding, stall cleaning and feeding.
  • $10 optional lunch in campus dining hall

pdfRider Application


Final schedule TBA. Clinic rides will be late afternoon/early evening on Saturday, and morning/early afternoon Sunday.

Recommended accommodations may be found here. Directions to the Held Equestrian Center may be found here.

Questions? Please contact the Held Center at 517/629-0838 or email .

Sexual Misconduct Involving Minors Reporting Procedure

All Regular Employees

Employees who witness or suspect sexual misconduct involving a minor are required to report such incidents as indicated below. Sexual misconduct includes the following:

  • Any sexual acts involving a minor.
  • The intentional exposing of genitals to a minor or forcing a minor to expose his/her genitals for the purpose of sexual gratification.
  • Any intentional touching of a minor’s genital area, buttocks, breasts, or groin for the purpose of sexual gratification.
  • Forcing a minor to touch the genital area, buttocks, breasts, or groin of another for the purpose of sexual gratification.
  • Soliciting or requesting a minor to engage in sexual activity.
  • Intentionally exposing a minor to pornographic materials.


  1. Employees who witness an incident of sexual misconduct involving a minor must immediately report the incident to either the Albion Department of Public Safety (911 from cell phone or off-campus phone) or the Office of Campus Safety (ext. 0911 or 517-629-1234).
    1. Employees must also report the incident as soon as possible to the Campus Conduct Hotline© by calling 866-943-5787, or by emailing .
    2. Employees must report the incident as soon as possible to their Department Head or to the Department Head’s supervisor as needed.
    3. Employees must report the incident as soon as possible to their Department Head or to the Department Head’s supervisor as needed.
  2. Employees who suspect sexual misconduct involving a minor is occurring or has occurred must report their suspicions to the Campus Conduct Hotline© by calling 866-943-5787, or by emailing .
    1. Employees may also report suspicions of sexual misconduct to the following agencies:
      • Children’s Protective Services-call 855-444-3911—reports may be made confidentially or anonymously.
      • Albion Department of Public Safety-call 911 from a cell phone or non-campus phone.
      • Office of Campus Safety-ext. 0911 or 517-629-1234.
    2. Employees should report any suspicions of sexual misconduct as soon as possible to their Department Head or to the Department Head’s supervisor as needed.
    3. The Department Head must report the incident to the Division Head or to the President as needed.
  3. Nothing in this procedure should be interpreted as discouraging or preventing employees from acting to stop an incident of sexual misconduct that is occurring, provided that such action does not endanger either his/her safety or the safety of the minor who is being subjected to the misconduct.

President’s Administrative Council reviewed/effective January 2013

Snapchat Request Form

  1. Full Name(*Required)
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  2. Email(*Required)
    Please enter an email address.
  3. Phone Number
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  4. Student ID(*Required)
    Please enter your student ID number
  5. Check Out Date(*Required)
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  6. Please briefly explain how you plan to use the Albion College Snapchat:(*Required)
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  7. Disclaimer(*Required)
    You must agree to continue.

Presidential Search Prospectus

Please click on the image below to read and download Albion College's presidential search prospectus document. The document is in PDF format.

presidential search prospectus cover

New to Albion

Academic Specific Software

Albion has license agreements with numerous different software providers. These agreements vary in their size and scope. If you would like to request academic software or inquire on what we are currently licensed for, please contact .

Accessing your Voicemail

The user reference guide for using your phone and setting up your voicemail can be found here.

Accessing the Wireless Network

Albion Albion offers wireless networking throughout academic spaces and in common areas of residence halls. Please see the link below for more information (


ACIS is an acronym for Albion College Information System. Faculty use this site to post grades while students use it for course registration and checking grades. Students can view financial aid and account information using ACIS.

Albion 1Card

The Albion 1Card is the official identification card of Albion College. Issued to all members of the College Community, it is required for identification and access to essential campus services. It also offers a convenient declining balance debit account - Briton Bucks - for making purchases on and around campus.

Albion Email

Albion College has partnered with Google Apps for Education to bring you this commonly used and robust email platform. Email support can be found on the IT site at

Administrative software for Student, Financial Aid, Finance, Human Resources and Development data.

New faculty members receive their Banner and ACIS login credentials from the Registrar at their orientation meeting. Staff receive them by request from their supervisor. Training for Banner can be scheduled by contacting the Help Desk.

Banner Reports

Banner reports require both network authentication and a Banner login. Information including budget information can be acquired from these reports.


Cable TV Channels

The reference table for the cable TV channels provided by WOW TV can be found here.  WOW_cable_channels.pdf


Campus Blogs

All members of the college community are invited to share what they are thinking about. Anyone with an email address can get started in minutes. Sign up at

Classroom Technology

  • Enhanced Classrooms: (computer lectern, projector, VCR, DVD, visualizer). To reserve one of these spaces, contact the Kellogg Center campus scheduler at x:0306.
  • Portable Media Carts: (computer, projector, VCR, DVD, visualizer)
  • Public Computer Labs: (with multiple computer workstations) Located in Olin, Ferguson, and Putnam. To reserve a lab for periodic instruction, please complete the lab reservation form linked here
  • Ferguson Media Room: (color phaser printers, slide/film scanner, poster printer, and more…) For one-on-one Instructional Technology project assistance and reservations, please email .


Course Management System

Moodle is the course management system at Albion. To place your syllabus, assignments, or discussion board on the web, complete our online course web request form at

No web editing experience needed; it’s that simple!

Door Access

To request door access for students or employees, please email . Please keep in mind that these requests sometimes take up to a week to complete. Only Vice-Presidents or Department Heads may authorize staff members to have access to areas with key card locks. The policy for authorizations can be seen at:

File Storage Space

Albion College provides file storage space to all faculty, staff, and students that is backed up nightly. Network drive space falls into two categories: Enterprise class storage which is backed up nightly and Commodity class storage which is not backed up. Please see this link for more information

Microsoft Office

Office 2010 for Windows and Office 2011 for Mac are available for all faculty and staff office machines. They are also available to students at no additional cost through our Microsoft Campus Agreement. Faculty and staff can download the current version of Microsoft Office under our work-at-home licensing agreement. It is available for download on our website at

People Directory

The people directory is the easiest way to find contact information for people within the campus community.

Symantec Anti-Virus

Symantec is the anti-virus software we use for campus machines. It is available for student personal computers through our license agreement, but not for faculty and staff personally-owned computers.

Technology Equipment Rental

Information Technology is happy to offer a wide range of equipment to campus users on a short term basis at no cost.  To view what is available to you and complete an online request form, click this link. (

Technology Training

Instructional Technology offers various types of training from one-on-one, to workshops, and even free online tutorials featuring Atomic Learning ( To schedule one-on-one training, please complete the form linked here ( To login to Atomic Learning use your Network Username and Password.

Web Assistance

For assistance with your departmental or personal web pages, please email .
For assistance with course related web pages, please email .


Dow Center Easter Break Hours

Week of 4/10 - 4/16

Monday – Thursday:  Normal

Friday:            6:30am – 1:00pm

Saturday:       CLOSED

Sunday:          8:00pm – 12:00am

Dow Recreation and Wellness Center

Monday - Thursday 6:30 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Friday 6:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday 12:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Ungrodt Tennis Center

Monday - Thursday 6:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday 6:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday 12:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Dean Aquatic Center

Monday - Friday (Afternoon) 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday (Evenings) 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.


Weather permitting the boathouse will be open on starting the week of April 17. The boathouse will be open if the temperature is above 60 degrees.

Thursday TBA
Friday TBA
Saturday TBA
Sunday TBA





Courtyard Marriott Hotel

Construction is set to begin in October for the new 72-room Courtyard Marriott hotel that will sit between, S. Superior, S. Clinton, W. Porter and W. Center streets.

The hotel will serve as the centerpiece for a downtown renaissance that the college is proud to share in.

Financed by Saginaw doctor Sam Shaheen, '88, it's believed the new hotel will help revitalize the downtown and provide a place for College parents, guests and visitors to stay during school events.

Shaheen said talks about a downtown hotel have been ongoing since 2010, but it was the impetus of College President Mauri Ditzler that finally moved the project off the drawing board.

"This is about family," Shaheen said at the May groundbreaking. "We believe in what this means to the City, the College and the citizens of Albion."

Jerry White, Albion's vice president of finance and administration, said the College has made a $4 million investment from the school's endowment. In addition, a $1 million Michigan Economic Development Corporation grant will be used to help fund the project. All told, the hotel will cost between $7-9 million and is slated for completion by the spring of 2018.

Courtyard Marriott Hotel concept illustration.

Sister City Relationship

The City of Albion's Sister City Committee recognized its founder, Sue Marcos. Read more
Albion education students in Noisy-le-Roi gather in front of a sign recognizing the relationship.
The Sister City sign on Eaton Avenue upon entering the City of Albion.
A view from the famous Porte de Gondi in Noisy-le-Roi.
The majesty of Versailles is but a few minutes from Noisy-le-Roi.
Taking in St-Germain-en-Laye in October during a French trip, a short drive from Noisy and Bailly.
Sustainability studies and French major Sara Sample, '15, studied abroad at UVSQ. Read more
Albion and French student teams present business plans at Albion's student research symposium.
French students visited Albion in Fall 2013 for the College's annual Piano Festival.
Visits and exchanges are a key part of the Sister City relationship.





Noisy-le-Roi and Bailly, France   –   City of Albion   –   Albion College

"The Sister City relationship informs our teaching, course design, faculty development, research and service. Sometimes we struggle to articulate the importance of the Sister City relationship to Albion College because it infuses virtually everything we do."

The above quote was how an Albion College faculty member recently described a relationship that received national recognition in 2014 from NAFSA: Association of International Educators in the form of a Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award for Campus Internationalization.

What began as a bilateral exercise between the City of Albion and the village of Noisy-le-Roi more than 15 years ago is now a true triangular relationship.


Albion and Noisy-le-Roi, located 15 miles west of Paris and a few minutes' drive from Versailles, formally became Sister Cities in 1997. (Bailly, an adjacent village, joined the partnership in 2010.) Over the first 10 years, in what was then a town-to-town collaboration, more than 500 Albion residents and students participated in youth and adult exchanges and internships in Noisy. Then in 2007, Albion College's new president, Donna Randall, and provost, Susan Conner, hosted "An Evening of French Food and Jazz" for the French delegation and members of the campus and Albion community. The seemingly small event proved to be a spark: It validated, coalesced and reinforced the often individual involvement of College faculty, staff and students. A year later, the College began its real journey as a partner in the Sister City relationship toward intentional internationalization and building friendships that underscore the collaboration.


The Sister City relationship has led to a number of collaborations. A few are highlighted below (click for more information):

  • A program in Sustainability Studies between Albion College and the University of Versailles at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) that includes a semester of study in France.

  • An international business plan development program between the College's Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management and the Ecole Superieure de Vente (SdV) in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

  • An international practicum developed by Albion College's Education Department and the middle school in Noisy-le-Roi, in which Albion students go abroad for a week during winter break to observe students and teachers and make formal comparisons between the French and American systems of education.

  • Albion College's annual Piano Festival brings in the most talented young people from the environs of Paris to participate with students in south-central Michigan. And Albion fine and performing arts faculty have opportunities to exhibit and teach master classes in France.

  • Other opportunities have included faculty research for non-French specialists at the Bibliothèque nationale as well as student internships involving the restaurant business, organic farming, translating admissions materials, community service, and shadowing medical professionals.

Lessons Learned, and Looking Ahead

Small institutions have incredible opportunities to harness energies, enthusiasm, and bold ideas and dreams, and pair them with the "person power" that comes from relationships. Here, the City of Albion, the Sister Cities of Noisy-le-Roi and Bailly, and Albion College happen to share and treasure joint values, namely "the ability to function as well-informed citizens both locally and globally" and often "to go beyond our comfort zones."

At the core of it, relationships matter. Indeed, they are essential. They grow, and they enable growth. They sustain, they are substantive, and they are substantial. And, in the case of this enduring relationship, they cement bonds that are an ocean or a sea apart.


The following representatives would be happy to share more information on the Sister City relationship and upcoming collaborations between Albion, Noisy-le-Roi and Bailly, and Albion College:

Albion College
Dianne Guenin-Lelle, professor of French

City of Albion
Mary Slater
Sister City Committee web page

Noisy-le-Roi and Bailly
Sister City website

Constituent Information Request Form

Confidentiality Statement

The Albion College Alumni/Donor Database (including Banner, Profiles, and Versa) contains biographic, contact, and gift/pledge information on College alumni, donors, parents, and friends. The Alumni/Donor database is maintained for purposes related to Institutional Advancement (IA) programs and is subject to IA policies and procedures.

College employees should divulge no address, telephone, or other information from the Alumni/Donor database to non-College persons, unless appropriate College administrators determine that disclosure is required by law. An IA employee who receives a request for the contact information of a specific individual should offer to call the individual in question and request permission to share his / her contact information with the requester.

In accordance with Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) standards, employees will:

  • Safeguard and respect donor and prospective donor information;
  • Honor the wishes of an individual and/or organizational constituent with regard to how directory information and/or giving history is used;
  • Record and keep only information relevant to cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship;
  • Identify the source of retained information;
  • Safeguard prospective donor, donor, and other constituent lists compiled by the institution as the property of the institution; these lists may not be distributed or used for unauthorized purposes or for personal gain;
  • Make every effort to ensure that volunteers, vendors, and external entities with access to constituent information understand and agree to comply with the organization's confidentiality and public disclosure policies.

If staff members are found to violate any of these conditions of confidentiality as described above, Albion College considers that to be a dischargeable offense.

If you have questions concerning this confidentiality statement or anything else discussed concerning confidentiality, please contact your supervisor.

Appropriate Use of Information Agreement

  • Contact information for alumni, parents, and friends may be shared upon approval of a request for a particular use and can be utilized for a variety of reasons: sharing information and news, providing updates on activities and programs, extending invitations to events, distributing surveys, etc. Requested information cannot be used to solicit donations.
  • Approval of the content will be handled through the process outlined above. Requests for information from IA must come only from individuals authorized to secure such information. The Assistant Director of Advancement Services approves all request forms.
  • Disclosure of this information to unauthorized parties could violate the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). All information received must only be used for the sole purpose stated in this information request and then destroyed in a secure manner. Data should never be used for communication pieces that are not previously approved.
  • Data will be provided in Excel spreadsheet format and sent only to the requester's Albion College email address (if the requester is a faculty or staff member). All provided data have a 30-day expiration. If more than 30 days have passed since that data were provided, the requester should destroy the provided data and request a refresh.
  • In exchange for this information, it is expected that any and all updates to constituent contact information will be shared with IA so that the Alumni/Donor Database can reflect the new information. Requesters are asked to forward any updates regarding these data to: .
  • Contact Sandy Covington, Associate Director of Prospect Development and Analytics, (x0546, ) with questions.

Statement of Consequences

Campus constituents who violate any part of the above agreement are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the President's Office.

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