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In order to better assist students who want to know more about alcohol and other drug use, Albion College has purchased services provided by the website, The services and information are CONFIDENTIAL for the users and will provide you with feedback regarding (1) your beliefs about alcohol and other drugs; (2) your personal risks surrounding the use of alcohol and other drugs; (3) your lifestyle in relationship to alcohol and other drug use; (4) the potential consequences, if any, of continuing to maintain your current pattern of behaviors. Additionally, the information offered is related to college student research so that it is useful and helpful for people like you. Skill-building strategies for responsible drinking are provided to guide you in managing your use of alcohol.

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  • Click on unregistered user
  • A reminder that your registration is confidential and the information that you provide in the assessments, other comments and inquiries that you make cannot be accessed by anyone else.
  • For School Code, you will enter: BRITONS
  • For User Name, you will create your own unique name
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