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The Anna Howard Shaw Women's Center is located on the first floor of the William C. Ferguson Student, Technology, and Administrative Services building.

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Campus Address:

Kellogg Center 448

Mailing Address:

Albion College
KC 4676
611 E. Porter Street
Albion, MI 49224

Phone: 517/629-0226


Student Affairs Guiding Principles

1.  Albion College is a Four-Year Residential College.

Albion College is committed to providing a coherent, interconnected, and empowering learning-centered liberal arts college experience. A student's residential environment is an integral component of her or his education; as such, Albion College is a residential campus. The residential experience complements the academic mission by providing a dynamic environment where living and learning interconnect.

2.  Learning takes place inside and outside the formal classroom.

Through Albion's co-curriculum, students are encouraged to learn skills such as how to communicate effectively and with civility, and to take an active leadership role in their college community.

3.  Albion College values diversity. The following "Core Values" are among nine established in Albion 2015:

Our Strategic Plan:

  • Diversity as an expression and affirmation of the human condition and as a source of strength and celebration for all members of the community;
  • Fairness, justice, ethical development, and personal responsibility;
  • Intellectual, personal, social, ethical, and spiritual development within our local and global communities that prepares graduates for productive lives and careers; a breadth and depth of opportunities and experiences; and the drive to help each other make meaningful and educated contributions to our world.

4.  Students must assume responsibility for their own safety and they should access College and City services dedicated to ensuring a secure environment.

5.  The City of Albion is a richly diverse resource. Students have many opportunities to become acquainted to people in the City of Albion through service and volunteer activities.

6.  Albion College community standards are based on students' rights and responsibilities and determine acceptable norms.

  • Students must abide by local, state, federal law, and College policies.
  • Discriminatory Harassment is not tolerated.
  • Sexual Harassment is not tolerated.
  • Diverse opinions are valued and civil discourse is expected.

Student Judicial System

Basic Principles of Responsibility

As stated in the Albion College Student Handbook:

"Albion College is commiteed to a philosophy whereby students are treated as adults.  As such, each student has primary responsibility for the quality of his/her educational experience and for meeting the College's academic and social expectations.... 

Institutional expectations, regulations, and practices are established to provide an environment conducive to human growth, to reflect the values to which the College subscribes, to recognize the proximity in which students live with one another and to recognize the developing capabilities of students as they encounter and progress through the college experience.  The purpose of these expectations, regulations and practices is to promote:

  • The academic mission of the College;
  • Those opportunities and settings that facilitate the coming together of persons of different persuasions and backgrounds;
  • Respect for the rights of others;
  • The values that evolve from our heritage as a College related to the United Methodist Church.

It is the student's responsibility to initiate and maintain communication with parents or guardians.  This is especially the case when enrollment is discontinued, or when circumstances exist that may affect a student's ability to maintain good academic and/or social standing or to meet the requirements for graduation."

The Albion College Student Handbook explains the expectations for behavior of individual students and student groups and the College's judicial process.



Campus Crime Statistics

Below are additional statistics related to safety and security on campus that are not  included in the Annual Security (Clery) report.  The information provided is for the last three academic years, which for statistical purposes begins on July 1 and ends on June 30:

CRIMES AND SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2013-2014 2014-2015  2015-2016
 Larceny From Motor Vehicle 3 4 4
 Larceny (Total) 27 35 20
a. $200 and over 11 20  9
 b. $50 - $199 11 13 9
 c. Under $50 5 2 2
Malicious Destruction of Property (Total) 13 30 32
a. College Property 11 22 24
b. Personal Property 2 8 8
Trespassing/Request to Leave Campus 4 6 4
 Suspicious Person(s) 23 31 34 
Suspicious Vehicle(s) 10 9 35 
Suspicious Situation 57 56 10
Medical Emergencies 41 56 54
 Vehicle Accidents 14 14 10
Alcohol Violations 29 20 30
Admittances/Lockouts 3042 3064 3312
Escorts (Total) 8296 7873 7811
a. Bus/Train Station 215 269 261
b. Disability 342 471 144
c. Education 727 685 700
d. Employment/Volunteer 400 307 333
e. Equestrian Center 519 487 738
f. Medical 290 193 222
g. Personal 1132 1626 1868
h. Safety 4549 3812 3469
i. To/From Parking Lot 122 23 76
Motorist Assists  315 284 218 



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