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Important Numbers


On-Campus #


Campus Safety Emergency x1234 or x0911 517/629-1234
Campus Safety Non-Emergency x0213 517/629-0213
Police/Fire/Ambulance Emergency 9-911 911
Albion Public Safety Non-Emergency 9-629-3933 517/629-3933
Albion Ambulance Non-Emergency 9-629-9432 517/629-9432
Kellogg Center Information Line x1717 517/629-1717
Health Services x0220 517/629-0220
Chaplain's Office x0492 517/629-0492
Counseling Center x0236 517/629-0236
Residential Life x0224 517/629-0224
Student Affairs / Dean of Students x0226 517/629-0226
Sexual Assault Counselor (24 hr.)
#9876 888/383-2192



Welcome to Student Affairs

As a residential college, Albion is concerned with the growth and development of the whole person in a number of interrelated realms: intellectual, personal, social, spiritual, emotional, physical, vocational.  A primary goal of the Student Affairs Divison is to encourage students to develop a greater sense of responsibility:  responsibility for their own education, responsibility for their own decision-making, responsibilitiy for formulating defensible positions on important issues—indeed responsibility for determining their own identity and life's direction.

Under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, the eight departments and one program within the Student Affairs Division of the College provide programs and services that support the academic mission of the College and that encourage and enhance a full educational experience for each individual student. To learn more about the departments and programs within the Student Affairs Division, please visit the websites for these offices and programs.

Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement

The Albion College Division of Student Affairs engages each student in a safe and enriching residential learning community that fosters self-directed growth and development so that each student becomes a contributing and interdependent global citizen.

Room Selection

Students in their room in Wesley Hall.

Residential Life prides itself on providing students room selection with a personal touch. There are a number of potential housing options for our returning students to make their collegiate years that much more memorable.

The room selection process for the upcoming academic year begins each February. Informational emails will be sent to all students enrolled during the Spring Semester with important information regarding the room selection process for the upcoming year. Students will also receive their lottery number via email, each student is randomly assigned a lottery number based on units completed and will be used to help assign the housing options.

Should you ever have questions regarding the room selection process, please contact us

Crime Prevention

Lock it, don't prop it

Because Albion is a residential college, students must reside in College housing. Even though there is a sense of safety when living closely with one's peers, be sure that you do not allow anyone - students or non-students - to exploit that environment. The vast majority of crimes in the residence halls involve theft of personal property.

Almost always, the theft is from an unlocked room or an unattended common area. YOU CAN prevent these "crimes of opportunity."

Security Measures in the Residence Halls 

1.  Do not prop open residence hall doors—even for a friend.

2.  Lock your door when you leave—even for a short time.

3.  Lock your door before going to sleep.

4.  Lock windows that are accessible from outside.

5.  Keep your small items of value, such as wallets, purses, money and jewelry out of sight.

6.  Participate in Operation Identification—engrave all valuable  items with your driver's license number. Call Campus Safety for information.

7.  Do not leave notes on your door announcing that no one is in the room.

8.  Never loan out your keys or ID card.

9.  Report any persons acting suspiciously in and around the residence halls. Note their description and location and call. Campus Safety immediately.

10. Report any doors, locks or windows in need of repair to your resident assistant or Campus Safety.

11. Report all thefts immediately to Campus Safety.

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