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African-Caribbean Student Union

ACSU hosts Reggaefest in April with a steel drum band, panel discussion, and Caribbean cuisineThe African-Caribbean Student Union aims to foster fraternal relationships and a better understanding among fellow African and Caribbean students and faculty. The group works to unite the sons and daughters of Africa and the Caribbean with all those concerned with and interested in the welfare of these regions, and to engage in constructive activities. Importance is also placed on creating awareness and a deeper understanding of the richness of cultures in Africa and the Caribbean and major issues affecting the continent and the different islands of the Caribbean.

ACSU hosts Reggaefest in April with a steel drum band, panel discussion, and Caribbean cuisine (right).


Vagina MonologuesPower is an organization created to give women on campus (and women's issues) a support network along with resources needed to create proactive solutions with the help of persons of any gender. The group's main event is The Vagina Monologues, and is performed every other February. Other events include (but are not limited to): V-Week (a week of events leading up to The Vagina Monologues), women's shelter visits, self-defense seminars, women's outings, open panel discussions, female speakers, and women's sports attendance.

Aria Moore, President of POWER

Aria Moore, ’19

President, POWER

Year: Junior
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you a part of POWER? “I choose to be president of POWER because I completely support and believe in feminism and the equality of all genders.”

What do you like about Albion College? “I love the opportunities for involvement and the community that Albion offers.”

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Organization for Latinx Awareness

La Casa Mexicana OLA provides programs and services that act as a bridge between students, faculty and the Latino communities around the world. It serves students by fostering a positive atmosphere through the development of educational, cultural and social programs leading to a greater understanding of the Latin American community on campus as well as globally. In its efforts to preserve the Latino history and culture, OLA aspires to instill the significance of Latino/a heritage and raise awareness about issues concerning Latinos, as a means of strengthening the presence and importance of diversity at Albion College. OLA is an organization that allows individuals to explore, experience, and absorb culture through language, traditions, values, and music.

Zeralys Correa, President of OLA

Zeralys Correa, ’20

President, Organization for Latinx Awareness

Year: Sophomore
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you a part of OLA? “I am the President of OLA because I love the idea of creating a space where people can and learn about Latinx cultures.”

What do you like about Albion College? “I like the amazing support created with friends, staff, and teachers.”

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Albion College Hillel

Albion College Hillel's sukkot dinner.Albion College Hillel offers a voice to the Jewish students on campus to improve awareness about cultural issues such as anti-Semitism. It gives Jewish students and faculty an opportunity to observe holiday traditions, as well as provide non-Jewish members of the community the chance to learn more about the Jewish culture.

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