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Ford Career Night: Serving the People

3/16/2011  Representatives from law schools, health professional schools, seminaries and non-profits were on hand for the My Future Career Night program at Albion College.  They met with students in Upper Baldwin to talk about career and education opportunities in these fields.  Students could also learn about preparing for the Kaplan test while they networked with those in the areas of their interest.  This event was sponsored by the Ford Institute and Career and Internship Center.

Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami

Japan_Image_53/22/2011  The Ford Institute sponsored the campus-wide panel discussion "Japan in the Wake of an Earthquake and Tsunami."  The panel consisted of Drs. Dyron Dabney and Andrew Grossman from Political Science, Dr. Kotaro Yoshida from Economics and Management, Dr. Midori Yoshii from International Studies, and Dr. Douglas White from the Center for Sustainability and the Environment.  They discussed the events, the aftermath and the future ramifications of this devastating 
                                            disaster.  A question-and-answer session followed.  (Image courtesy of  

The State Department Comes to Campus Again

State_Department2/21/2011  Each year, Tim Sears of the U.S. Department of State visits campus and speaks with Ford students about his career.  This year he also covered available careers, internships, and education opportunities during small group meetings.  Tim has over 25 years of experience as a U.S. Foreign Services Officer and currently serves as the Senior Course Manager of the Foreign Service Institute at the State Department.  He was born in Albion and visited as part of the State Department's Hometown Diplomats program.


MLK Convocation and Community Celebration

MLK_photo1/24/2011  Two of Albion's long-time civil rights activists, Dr. Wes Dick and Mr. Robert Wall, discussed their work "In the Footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." for Albion's MLK Convocation and Community Celebration.  They have extensive academic and personal knowledge of American history relating to the civil rights movement and have worked together for many years on the history of race relations in the greater Albion community.  Albion College's Office of the President, the Ford Institute, the Office of Intercultural Affairs, and the Albion Branch of the 
                                            NAACP co-sponsored this event.

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