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Chemistry Majors - Class of 2010

2010 Chemistry Majors

What we are doing now

Rebecca Bayer graduate school (chemistry), Colorado State University
Katie Beauregard U.S. Army Officer Training School
Eric Bow
Bin Cai chemist, Jiangsu Nata Opto-Electronic Material Co.;
graduate school (chemistry), Boston University
Evan Conklin
Brittany Duford graduate school, Florida State University
Mallory Fellows chemist, Nutralife/Amway
Patrick Granahan graduate school (biotechnology), University of Notre Dame
Mahwish Hafeez
Laura Kirk medical school, Wayne State University
Kyle Kondrat graduate school (chemistry), University of Oregon
Sarah Krocker nursing program, Lansing Community College
Matthew Logan graduate school (chemistry), Stanford University
Benjamin Morawski
Brent Parshall
Elizabeth Perkins medical school, University of Cincinnati
Laura Pollum graduate school (chemistry), University of Oxford (U.K.)
Rebecca Putans graduate school (chemistry), University of Wisconsin
Devon Roeser
Brian Seymour
Timothy Stevens medical school, Wayne State University
Ryan Stowe graduate school (chemistry), Scripps Research Institute (Fla.)
Lauren Sumner graduate school, Oakland University
Amy Vandenberg
Qian Wang graduate school (chemistry), University of California, Irvine
Kristina Weage MD/Ph.D. program, University of Cincinnati
Matt Yousif medical school, Michigan State University

A Special Panel Discussion at Albion College

Challenges and Emerging Issues in Financial Regulation and Reporting:
A Global Perspective

The last two chairmen of the Financial Accounting Standards Board and a current FASB senior advisor (two of whom are Albion alumni) bring a wealth of industry expertise and leadership to Albion College's Science Complex Atrium for a unique panel discussion on Tuesday, April 5, at 7 p.m. The event is free and the public is encouraged to attend.

Marching Band Sign-up

Please sign up for the British Eighth here, in addition to signing up for the course during registration or at SOAR.

  1. Deadline for submission is July 1.

    After July 1, interested students must contact Dr. McIlhagga directly via email at to be considered for the current year's marching band.

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