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What you’ll study.

Living organisms. Biospheres. And the relationships and mechanisms that tie all life on earth together. Through active involvement with organisms and the systems of life, you’ll learn how to observe, analyze, and communicate. Then you’ll build on your expertise by applying these skills to your area of specialization. Majors and minors.

What you’ll do.

You will formulate and test hypotheses through course projects and independent research. You’ll work in the field, both here—at our 135-acre Whitehouse Nature Center—and at more distant locations, such as the forests and coral reefs of Belize and southern Florida. Biology internship opportunities.

Where you’ll go.

Advisory groups. Meetings. Visits with professionals and representatives for postgraduate opportunities. The close ties you’ll make with our faculty will lead you to what’s next, whether it’s a career in medicine, natural resources, or any number of health or science fields. Potential career paths.

E&M Majors Koaches, Merritt Named All-America Scholars in Men's Golf

Albion's Brent Koaches and Scott Merritt were named All-America Scholars in NCAA Division III men's golf for 2012.Albion College placed Brent Koaches (left) and Scott Merritt on the list of NCAA Division III Cleveland Golf/Srixon All-America Scholars. Merritt graduated earlier in May after majoring in economics and management with a Gerstacker Institute concentration. Koaches, an E&M major with an emphasis in accounting as well as a Gerstacker concentration, completed his junior year at Albion.

Twenty-three golfers from D-III gained the honor and Albion was the lone Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association program to produce All-America Scholars.

“Scott and Brent set an example for everyone else on the roster,” Albion coach Jordan Rich said.

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2012 Economics and Management Award Winners

The Albion College Economics and Management Department congratulates the following department award recipients.

Outstanding Senior E&M Major Award: Sean M. Hendon and Timothy R. Wernet

Walter A. Terpenning Award: Robert D. Clark

E. Maynard Aris Award for Outstanding Scholarship: Melissa K. Megerian and Caroline N. Dobbins

Maurice Branch Award for Scholarship and Research: Aaron A.  Croad

Scotty Cracraft Scholarship Award for Scholarship in Accounting: Daniel W. Merritt

Gaylord Smith Award for Scholarship in Accounting: Kathleen L. Petchell

Tim Cash Ernst and Young Scholarships in Accounting: Brent Koaches, Rahman A. Isayev, Jeremy F. Simms, Charles J. Carroll, and David J. Budka

Robert Hetler PriceWaterhouseCoopers Scholarships in Accounting: Brent Koaches, Charles J. Carroll, David J. Budka, Ryan M. Moretti, Donald W. Strite, and Allan L. Adair

For more information on these awards, please see the Department's Scholarships and Awards page.

Scholarships and Awards

The Albion College History Department is endowed to award a number of scholarships and prizes to outstanding history majors, from sophomores to graduating seniors.

2014-15 Scholarship & Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following award recipients!

The Phillip H. & Shirley Kennedy Battershall Scholarship in History 
Chris Herweyer, '17

Michael W. Grice '63 Memorial Scholarship in History
Corey Wheeler, 18
Rachel Zawodny, '18

Morris-Eldridge-Pierce Sophomore History Scholarship
Travis Brady, '17
Evan Kneisel, 17
Cayla DuPuis, '16

Rammelkamp Junior Award in American History
Mary Vecellio, '16
Andrew Mattson, '16
Shelby Fox-Purrier, '16
David Herron, '16
Macallister Steffenhagen, '16

Rammelkamp Award in American History
Lauren Dever, '15

2013 - 14 Award Recipients

Julian S. Rammelkamp Award in American History was awarded to Chris Blaker '14.

Phillip H. & Shirley Kennedy Battershall was awarded to Chris Herweyer '17.

Patrick Buck '15, Alexandra High '15, and Scott DesRosier '15 received the Julian S. Rammelkamp Junior Scholarship in History.

Mary Vecellio, '16 and Macallister Steffenhagen, '16 received the David Morris-Eldridge Pierce Sophomore History Scholarship.

Shelby Fox-Purrier '16  received the Michael W. Grice ‘63 Memorial Scholarship in History.

2012 – 13 Award Recipients

The Julian S. Rammelkamp Award in American History was awarded to Katherine Sexton '13.

Logan Woods '14, Kevin (Dong Keun) Rhee '14, and Nathaniel Arndts '14 received the Rammelkamp
Junior Scholarship.

The Philip H. and Shirley Kennedy Battershall Scholarship, in conjunction with the Ford Institute
awarded Salaina Catalano '14.

Mary Vecellio '16 received the Morris-Eldridge-Pierce Sophomore History Scholarship.

Patrick Buck '15 was awarded the Michael Grice Memorial Scholarship in History.

Our 2011-12 Recipients

The Julian S. Rammelkamp Junior Scholarship in History was awarded to Michael Albani, Rebecca Kosticak, Desirae Salswedel, and Katherine Sexton. Michael is writing a novel, Truly a Crime, that explores mountaintop removal in Appalachia, delving into the region's history and people. Rebecca is preparing to apply to law school. Des will explore a career in museum work. Kate looks forward to a summer research project, supported by FURSCA, on "Beaver Island: Conflict and Community, 1812-2012."

Nathaniel Arndts received the Phillip H. and Shirley Kennedy Battershall Scholarship, in conjunction with the Ford Institute. This summer he will intern at the Albion District Library's local history collection.

The David Morris-Eldridge Pierce Sophomore Scholarship in History was awarded to Salaina Catalano. She will intern at Senator Carl Levin's office in Washington, D.C. in summer 2012.

Logan Woods received the Michael W. Grice '63 Memorial Scholarship in History. A future teacher, Logan will co-teach with an instructor at Albion Senior High as part of the College's "Maymester."

Dong Keun (Kevin) Rhee has been awarded the Stone Memorial Scholarship. Kevin is exploring a possible career in medicine.

The History Department also congratulates ...

Chris Blaker, '14, (center) with Professor Wes Dick (right)Chris Blaker, who received a FURSCA grant to study "World War II: Citizen Soldiers Tell Their Stories." He will use oral history to focus on the war from the perspective of enlisted men and junior officers rather than the senior officers and politicians. (Blaker is pictured at right with World War II veteran Eugene Yehl, left, and Professor Wes Dick.)

Heather De Bari, who will enter the Second World War in Europe MSc Program at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Prior to that, Heather will undertake intensive Russian language study at Middlebury College.

Justin DeHondt on admission to Western Michigan University for graduate study in Medieval History.

Chelsea Denault, who enters Loyola University Chicago's dual Ph.D. program in Public History and American History. This summer as the Simmons Graduate Intern for the Education Department at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, Chelsea will work with high school teachers and college professors to create rubrics utilizing the museum's collections and the Village.

Casey Monahan on admission to Brandeis University's MA program in History.

Kris Polk, who will pursue a Master's of Science for College Student Development and Counseling at Northeastern University in Boston.

Maria Smith on admission to the University of Michigan's School of Information. She will specialize in Archives and Records Management (in the Master of Science in Information program).

Melissa Tallis on acceptance to the University of Pittsburgh for a Master's degree in Library Science.

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