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Albion Pro Choral

Albion Pro Choral is a semi-professional choir mostly consisting of professional musicians (many are alumni who are former Briton Singers). It convenes for a minimal number of rehearsals and performs specific choral masterworks.

Experience Opportunities

Matt Gallick, '13, and Chad Bousley, '14, worked with professor James Ball during their summer 2012 FURSCA project.
Matt Gallick, '13, and Chad Bousley, '14, studied musical composition with professor James Ball during their summer 2012 FURSCA project.

Beyond practices, rehearsals, and performances, Albion College music students expand their learning, enhance their skills, and gain expertise in a wide variety of ways.

Student Research

The Music Department welcomes and encourages scholarly research. Students who have special talent and interest in this area should contact a professor with whom to work. After the area of study has been defined, a request must be made to the Department for permission to write a research paper for consideration of Departmental Honors.

Details regarding the submission of a proposal for FURSCA (the College's Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity) can be found on the FURSCA website. For Departmental Honors, the student should submit an appropriate topic, general outline of proposed study, and a preliminary bibliography. Outstanding papers will be submitted for honors recognition.

Off-Campus Programs

The Music Department faculty encourages students to take advantage of opportunities for off-campus studies and/or internships during the fall semester of the junior year. (Students who go off campus in the second semester may need to return for a fifth year of study to graduate.)

Students who have participated in these programs have found them to be immensely worthwhile, helpful in clarifying career choices, and of assistance in establishing contacts for future employment. Examples of off-campus programs include:

New York, GLCA Arts Program

An opportunity for an internship in music in New York under the auspices of the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA). Students live in a GLCA building with students from various colleges, work in a music-related area, and often study privately with a New York music teacher.

Chicago, The Lyric Opera

An opportunity for an internship with the Chicago Lyric Opera in which students are assigned a variety of experiences such as ticket sales, fund raising, production, and accounting. Private lessons and coaching are available for students selected for this program.


Albion College encourages students to spend a semester or a year studying in a foreign country; usually this study is coupled with ability to speak another language. There are excellent conservatories and music schools in Europe; bear in mind that admission requirements are often strict. The College's Center for International Education and Off-Campus Programs has details on locations, applications, and more.

Other internships.

Individual internships may be arranged and tailored to fit an individual situation. These should be explored and planned carefully with faculty advisors.

Student Employment

The Music Department fills several jobs throughout the academic year, including:

  • Managers for band, jazz ensemble, orchestra and choral ensembles
  • Librarians for band, jazz ensemble, orchestra and choral ensembles
  • Recording Technicians
  • Music Office Assistants
  • Theory Tutors
  • Departmental Publicity Manager
  • Computer Lab Assistants
  • Photographers

Job descriptions and application information can be obtained from the Music Department secretary in Goodrich Chapel.

Students interested in any of the above opportunities should consult with their faculty advisor or a Music Department faculty member. More information also can be found in the pdfMusic Department Handbook.

Private Lessons

An Albion College music student practices the French horn.Private lessons (formally called applied music) are available to all Albion College students, regardless of major. Indeed, non-music majors are encouraged to choose applied music as part of their studies.

Students who wish to elect private lessons must register for them during the regular College course registration period. The appropriate course numbers for the private lessons are listed in the online Class Schedule. All students enrolled in applied music must elect it for credit and take jury examinations at the conclusion of each semester of study.

More information, including fees for instruction, can be found in the College course catalog.

Physics Seminar: February 1, 2013

Dr. Dave Seely

"Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power"


Proponents of nuclear power argue that nuclear energy is economical, safe, and good for the environment. Critics maintain that fission reactors are neither safe nor clean, and cite the Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl power plant disasters, among others, along with problems that are associated with the disposal of nuclear waste. Some also argue that nuclear power plants that reprocess spent fuel may contribute to the proliferation of fissile material for use in weaponry ("dirty bombs") and that nuclear power plants are a public health risk, at least to people living in the vicinity of nuclear power plants and waste repositories.

In this talk, we will take a brief look at the physics of nuclear energy and then examine elements of the pro and con debate. If there is time and interest, we also will take a brief look at some next-generation nuclear energy technology such as the Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) project at the Idaho National Laboratory and/or the ITER experimental fusion reactor.

Norris 102, 2:15 - 3:20 p.m.

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