Equestrian Center Hosts Sisters Riding for Haiti Cause

Some unexpected overnight guests bunked at the Held Equestrian Center on Wednesday night—Brandy and Ashley Nelsey, who are on a trip from West Branch to Houston. The sisters are riding on horseback from their central Michigan hometown to Texas to raise money for a clean-water project In Haiti.

"Our associate director, Danielle Menteer, was driving to Jackson when she saw the girls," noted Randi Heathman, marketing/recruiting coordinator for the Held Center. "They're doing a really fantastic thing. I can't imagine riding from Michigan to Texas, as much as I enjoy riding. Any creature comforts the Held Center can give them are the least that we can do."

The Held Center captured some impromptu video of the Nelseys' arrival (above), and a feature story on their journey appeared in the Sept. 27 Jackson Citizen-Patriot.