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History Majors Present at MCAA

Three history majors, Patrick Buck '15, Kevin Rhee '14, and Scott DesRosiers '15, presented papers at the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs at Michigan State University on Friday, October 25, 2013. Buck presented on “Militarizing China: Mao’s Revolution of Physical Education." Rhee's paper addressed “When Politics Meets Science: Devil’s Bargain between Japan and the U.S. over Human Experimentation," and DesRosiers spoke about “From Palomares to Fukushima: Lessons in Nuclear Remediation."

Congratulations to our history students for their fine work!

Forensics Foray: Wilburn, ’14, Interns with Michigan State Police

Alli Wilburn, '14
“I have been interested in forensic science for many years,” says Wilburn, a biochemistry major, “so this has turned into a perfect opportunity to observe the goings-on in a forensics lab and better get a grasp if this is what I want to pursue as a career.”

Pressprich Works to Secure Wireless Networks

Carl Pressprich, '15
Whether the field is academics or athletics, Carl Pressprich has used his work ethic and drive to excel. This semester, the physics major who is starting his third and final year in Albion's dual-degree program in engineering is writing computer programming language during a 16-week experience at the Oak Ridge (Tenn.) National Laboratory.

Marissa Cloutier, '14: Considering Community Health in Ghana

Marissa Cloutier
For Marissa Cloutier, '14, a beautiful new community kitchen in a rural African village underscored a lesson of how not to do aid work. "The kitchen, which was built several years ago by an aid organization, has never been used because the community believes it is unsafe to cook in an enclosed structure," said Cloutier. "They were cooking on clay stoves outside and the new building remains unused."

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