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Michalec, '15, Is on the Books with Phillies Internship

Meredith Michalec, '15
"When I was dropped off in Philadelphia this past September, I had no apartment and no internship," says junior Meredith Michalec, a business and organizations and accounting double major. "However, I knew the Philadelphia Center has provided great internships to a lot of Albion students. I am an accounting intern with the Philadelphia Phillies and I absolutely love it."

Seeing (Nano)Stars to Fight Disease: Carlos Matti's Internship

Carlos Matti, '14
"The most rewarding part of my summer research was being part of a team that is finding a new paradigm that could improve biosensing dramatically," writes the senior chemistry major about his National Science Foundation–Research Experience for Undergraduates internship at the University of Cincinnati. "There's still a lot to do before we can perform biosensing that is disease-specific. At the end of the day, though, I know that this research may break ground in the field."

Starting the Start-up: Claire Van Raaphorst's London Internship

Claire Van Raaphorst, '14
An English and communication studies major may seem an unlikely intern for a tech start-up, but Claire Van Raaphorst, '14, tells a different story. "I felt pretty lost when they'd launch into explanations of Python code or Javascript," she says of her colleagues. "On the flip side, I was the resident expert on writing. I made substantial revisions to many important documents, to make them more clear and understandable."

Albion AICPA Team Returns to the Big Stage

Peter Curry and Don Strite, Albion 2013 AICPA team
Albion College is back as a player in the annual accounting competition sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs. Albion was the underdog last fall as it was the smallest of the academic institutions to have a team reach the finals in Washington, D.C. This year, the team comprised of students Peter Curry, John Rogers, Victoria Slater and Don Strite and advisor John Carlson are one of 15 to advance to the semifinal round of competition.

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