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DeGroot, '16, Gives Archive Photo Find Its Due—and Its Own Stage

Audrey DeGroot, '16
A cache of photographic negatives, overlooked for almost a century, was brought to light this summer by Audrey DeGroot, '16. Learning two historic printing techniques, DeGroot produced a gallery exhibit that will be on display in the Bobbitt Visual Arts Center on Thursday, July 17, and then at Albion's Gardner House Museum through the 2014-15 academic year.

Education Students Experience Costa Rica Through Practicum

Education student Victoria Della Pia with students in Costa Rica
"Teaching lacrosse was a great way to teach English," said Victoria Della Pia, '16, one of four education students who recently did an international practicum in Costa Rica. "Through acting out the lacrosse terms, the students began to understand the English verbs and words. It was a great and fun way to teach two new ideas."


Honors Students Explore the Western Front

 Alyssa Wright, '16,  and Emma Stapley, '16, in reconstructed German Trenches, Vimy Ridge
Battlefields, cemeteries, monuments, and museums provided a profound field trip for students in history professor Chris Hagerman’s class "We Are Making a World: Trauma and Cultural Change on the Western Front, 1914-18." The class, part of Albion’s Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program, recently visited France and Belgium and explored the very sites they had studied on campus using historical maps, diaries, letters, literary memoirs, poetry, paintings, photography, and film.

McWhirter Book Considers 'Agenda' for Luke, Acts

Jocelyn McWhirter in Athens

Religious studies professor Jocelyn McWhirter brings new insights to some of the Bible's most studied texts with her new book, Rejected Prophets: Jesus and His Witnesses in Luke-Acts. Her argument that the author of Luke and Acts portrays Jesus and other New Testament figures as prophets leads to some intriguing conclusions about the writer's identity and intent.

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