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Entering Students

Albion College students in a chemistry lab.

Getting started.

First, we’ll want to hear all about your strengths and accomplishments. Then we’ll determine what types of aid you may be eligible for at Albion. That may include academic and talent-based scholarships, grants, low-interest loans, and campus work opportunities.

Working together, our financial services team will help you build the strongest financial aid package possible.

Our mission is to assist students and their families in planning for and meeting their educational expenses at Albion. Let us help you explore the options and craft your own financing plan.

Access Your Aid


Albion Online.

There is a wealth of information available online. Here at Albion it's no different. You can access your personal information 24/7 by visiting the Albion College Information System, which we refer to as ACIS.

We'll send you the information you need to access your personal account after you've sent in your enrollment deposit.

Current Students

Students at computer stations in Stockwell Library's Cutler Commons.

You're invested in Albion.

You've been here awhile. Maybe a year, maybe a few. You've made an impact on campus and studied hard. But you still have a little more to go.

The reality is that your investment increases each year. Getting the facts on scholarships and financial aid is the next step to help ensure that your Albion education is affordable, and continues to be the education of a lifetime.

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