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Kyle Henry

Kyle Henry, '12

Hometown/High School: Almont, MI; Almont High School

Secondary Education English Major with Creative Writing, Political Science Minor; Ford Institute

Campus Organizations:
Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity

Why I chose Ford: I chose to join the Ford Institute because it presented me with a wide variety of career plans, even if I wasn't interested in pursuing public policy in the long run. Since I'm going into education, internships and volunteer service have opened my eyes to the importance of public service and how I can make a difference in certain areas. There's no way I would have obtained the same opportunities if I hadn't joined the Ford Institute.

Internship: Chosen as the first Joe Stroud Intern in Journalism and Policy. Worked at the Detroit Free Press, even writing editorial pieces for the paper.

Post Grad Plans: Ideally, I would move to Chicago and teach Secondary English in the downtown school districts. At the same time I would work towards a graduate degree and eventually teach collegiate level creative writing. My ultimate goal is to write for a living; short stories, freelance writing, and eventually novels.

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Department of Religious Studies

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Chelsea Denault

Chelsea Denault, '12

Hometown/High School: Clinton Township, MI; Chippewa Valley High School

History Major, Spanish and Journalism Minor; Ford Institute and Honors Program

Campus Organizations:
Kappa Kappa Psi Band fraternity, Delta Gamma Sorority, British Eighth Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Student Senate, and Model United Nations

Why I Chose Ford: I've always been very interested in politics and the effect that political events have had on American history.  The Ford Institute offered a great opportunity for me to immerse myself in the politics and get first-hand experience in its process.  I've also been very devoted to service, mostly in my own community, and Ford allowed me to become involved with service at a state and even a national level.  The biggest selling point for me was the required internship that all Fordies must complete- it's a great opportunity that I wouldn't have been able to have if I had gone to a big state school.

Internship Plans: I hope to intern at the Library of Congress or at the Senate Historian's Office because it would allow me to work with both historical archives and congressional research teams.  I would get the experience I need in history and politics at the same time.

Post Grad Plans: I would really like to go to graduate school for history and perhaps get a job writing for a newspaper on the side.  Afterwards, I will hopefully have a job either teaching at a college and writing books or working at the Library of Congress, the National Archives, or the Senate Historian's Office.

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Program Introduction

Students in professor Ronney Mourad's religious studies class.

Why Study Religion?

Only a few students enter Albion intending to study religion or to pursue a major or minor in religious studies. Most of our students select a course in religious studies as part of their core requirement, and then take more courses with us for one reason: fascination. A survey of the courses we teach, their content, and their methods explains why so many students take more than one course with us.

  • Would you like to know about the first-century environment of Jesus and the early church?
  • Have you wondered about the differences between Judaism and its daughter religion, Christianity, and why they separated?
  • What do women's experiences bring to different religious traditions?
  • How can an understanding of Islam shed light on current political developments in the Middle East?
  • What about the relationship between philosophy and religion? Or science and religion?
  • Would you like to know more about Asian religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism?
  • What about ethical questions in a time when our society is debating issues such as AIDS, abortion, euthanasia, racism, and other matters that will affect us for many years to come?

Many of these questions have their roots in religious perspectives that are a part of our multicultural inheritance. We cannot afford to ignore them. Religion is a vital part of our world. It is as current as today's news, yet reaches back to our earliest beginnings as a species.

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