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Dr. Tim Lincoln

Tim Lincoln
Tim Lincoln

Q&A with Tim Lincoln

Students should join CSE because…

"I don't know of any other program that offers such a diverse curriculum and wide range of hands-on experiences. We offer three majors and two concentrations so that students are prepared for a variety of career options when they graduate, and we develop the skills necessary for them to be effective leaders."

Tim’s Best Advice

"Get involved! There are so many opportunities for you to make an impact. Students who find the time to be involved in projects have no problem finding their way into meaningful careers."

Why Tim loves being the Center’s Director

"I enjoy talking to prospective students about the opportunities our program offers, working with students on projects like the Student Farm, and following the careers of our alumni. It’s deeply rewarding. Some of the most interesting things I have seen in my life have been on our field trips."

On his favorite class field trip

"While in Oregon, we hiked the Cascade Mountains, studied sustainable urban development in Portland, looked at ecological research and forest management in the Andrews Experimental Forest, found inspiration in organic farms, spent a day discussing coastal zone management issues with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, and embarked on two scenic train rides on the Empire Builder."

Our field trips are significant because…

"Students are given an opportunity to actually experience different ecosystems of the U.S. They get to see the environmental issues that are happening and get to speak with professionals that are working to resolve them. Friendships and memories are formed on these trips that will last a lifetime."

Allan L. Adair III, '14

Allan L. Adair III, '14 Majors: Accounting Major CPA Track
Residence: Ann Arbor
Career: Accountant at Plante Moran

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I am an assurance staff member at Plante Moran in Ann Arbor. I go to various businesses and I improve the information within a company so that the decision makers of the business can make informed decisions, thus reducing the information risk.

Why do you love what you do?

I find it interesting seeing how different companies run. Also, it is very rewarding knowing that what you find can very well help or even save a company. I love the connections I make and the people I meet. It also helps that I love my place of work.

How did Albion help you get there?

Albion helped me mature into the young professional that I am today. It not only taught me the knowledge behind my career, but it also prepared me to achieve within my career. I had two internships: one with Willis and Jurasek, a small accounting firm in Jackson, the other with the Albion College Business Office. I was part of the E&M department’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs for three years and enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with clients in the Albion community. Also, through many events, I met various employers and wound up with multiple job offers. There are many different Albion advantages, but I was lucky enough to experience them all.

For me Albion…

For me Albion was a home away from home for four years. It was a place that I was happy to see and a place where I matured as an individual. It is my alma mater and my previous employer. It was and still is a very special place where I feel comfortable and look forward to coming back as alumni! …Thanks for everything Albion!

Richard Atkins, '14

Richard Atkins, '14 Major: Economics and Management (emphasis in Accounting)
Internships: Atlas Oil Credit
Activities: While at Albion I was involved in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, Sup de V International Exchange program, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Albion College Ski and Snowboard Club, Greek Week Planning Community, and a member of Albion’s Tennis Team for four years.
Current: Completed Master of Accounting degree, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.  Assurance Staff at Ernst & Young

What did you like most about Albion College?

My favorite part of Albion was the close-knit community. A small student body allowed me to make many connections and friendships with both students and faculty that I would not have if I had attended a larger school. Making these connections helped me grow both academically and personally. I will always remember the people I met at Albion and appreciate how they expanded my outlook and helped me to grow into the person I am today.

How did Albion help you to get where you want to be?

I first became interested in accounting after my managerial accounting course with Professor Gaylord Smith. I only found my interest in accounting after taking some required courses for the finance major. Albion also provided me with many opportunities to grow my business background through programs like the VITA tax preparation program and the Sup De V international exchange program. Albion’s professors proved to be great resources for both career counseling as well as help understanding coursework outside the classroom.

For me, Albion…

…was a place to grow, learn, and make lifelong friends. It provided challenges in the classroom that required us to push ourselves, but also provided help along the way. The diverse courses required as a part of the liberal arts education gave us an opportunity to broaden our outlook, but it may also help you find the major you never thought you wanted.

Peter Curry, '14

Peter Curry, '14 Major: Economics and Management with an emphasis in Accounting, Gerstacker Institute Concentration
Residence: Midland, MI
Career: Ernst and Young: Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS Forward)

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I contribute to Ernst and Young's Assurance brand while working in their FAAS Forward program. In this program, I provide audit assurance, but I also provide client services in the Financial Accounting Advisory Group. In this service line, I work with clients to solve issues relating to transaction advisory and financial reporting. In general, this program grants me the base experience of auditing while also exposing me to more complex business and accounting issues. Overall, I contribute to an opinion on the fairness of financial statements, provide due-diligence on transactional needs, and advise clients on reporting requirements.

Why do you love what you do?

I look forward to the challenge. Each day, I work on different teams, clients, and tasks. I will provide a wide range of services to numerous clients and industries, and I am excited to grow and adapt to those opportunities. In many ways, this rotational program continues the diverse education that I received at Albion. I will learn new skills from my teams and apply those skills to a wide range of client needs.

How did Albion help you get there?

Albion enabled me to pursue my divergent interests, namely in English, history, and business. At Albion, I took courses like pax Britannica, contemporary literature, and even several pottery courses. I also completed the required coursework for the Certified Public Accounting license. This was crucial as I began college without a clear focus of what I wanted to do after school, but while at Albion, I had the flexibility to pursue my interests and discover a career.

For me, Albion…

…is a community. The connections that I have made with my peers, professors, and alumni have become valuable both inside and outside the classroom, and I am excited to see how this community will continue to grow beyond graduation.

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