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Walking along the Seine in Paris. (Photo: John Perney)
Walking along the Seine in Paris. (Photo: John Perney)


The FACC Scholarship Program

The French-American Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Chapter, believes that college and university students in business studies and French language studies provide the foundation for the future growth of French-American business relations.

The purpose of the FACC scholarship program is to assist college and university students in Michigan who study business or business related courses and French language studies and who plan to combine French and business in their future career plans. Their scholarships range from $1,500 and up, based on merit, need, and the career goals of the student. Read more about the FACC scholarship program.

“What can I do with a French degree? Teach?”

This is what often comes to mind when thinking about how useful learning French is for your career.  

At Albion College some of our majors have gone on to be teachers in high school, at the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills for example, or at the university level, such as at Minnesota State University. But most of our majors and minors have done other things. And they are wide-ranging: Some majors, after studying French, have worked at a Club Med, at a youth hostel, and went on to law school to study equine law.

Most of our majors and minors combine the study of language and culture with other fields they have worked in, and have pursured career opportunities in the following areas:

  • Fulbright in teaching in Rwanda
  • Small business owner (bakery, online clothing store)
  • Women’s shelter
  • Teaching Assistant Program in France, sponsored by the French government
  • Teaching English (in Japan, Korea, France)
  • French tutor and physical therapist
  • Travel agent
  • French Consumer Service for Proctor and Gamble
  • US Immigration Services
  • Au pair (France, Luxembourg)
  • International recruiter in college admissions
  • Internship at Office of UN Political Affairs of the Bureau of International Organizations
  • Health and Government Sector Assistant at the DAI in Washington, D.C.
  • Texas Campaign for the Environment
  • Law School (equestrian, international, corporate, government)
  • Peace Corps
  • Web design
  • Michigan Department of Education
  • Event and festival planning
  • Staff of French company
  • United States Department of State
  • Comptroller
  • Minister
  • Grad School:
    • French (Notre Dame, Cincinnati, CUNY, Louisiana State, Wisconsin, Emory, Michigan State, Bowling Green)
    • Communications at the American University in Paris
    • Sustainable Agriculture and Local Food Hubs at Michigan State University
    • Intercultural Communications program at American University
    • International Development at Monterrey Institute
    • Anthropology of Food at The Ohio State University
    • Social Work at University of Michigan
  • Medicine
  • Optometry
  • Journalism
  • Musician
  • City planner
  • U.S. Senate staffer
  • Library science
  • Accounting
  • Airline reservations
  • Sales

Do you have questions about studying French and potential career paths? Please contact us!

High School Honor Band

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The High School Honor Band provides talented student musicians with the opportunity to rehearse and perform some of the best in wind band literature (both new and old) within a traditional symphonic band setting comprised of other high school students from across the state of Michigan.

Apply Now

The High School Honor Band takes place on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 on the campus of Albion College. It begins at 8:00 a.m. with registration/check-in and light breakfast and concludes after our 7:00 p.m. evening concert. Conducted by Director of Bands, Samuel McIlhagga, the band will meet for two major rehearsals and perform in concert that same evening with the Albion College Symphonic Band.

Program to be selected from the following:

  • Americans We - Henry Fillmore
  • First Suite in E flat for Military Band - Gustav Holst
  • Apollo - John Pennington
  • Dusk - Steven Bryant
  • Conversations with the Night - Andrew Boysen

How to Apply

With the event being only one day, we plan to select participants and assign/mail all parts ahead of time to allow students time to practice. The group is open to all high school woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians through:

  1. A submitted application, and
  2. Their director's recomendation. (Directors will be notified via email when a student from their school has applied)

Deadline for application and audition materials is Friday, December 16, 2016.

Additional Materials

Special Events

Alumni Band

Homecoming at Albion College is about reconnecting with old friends, sharing memories of the “good old days,” and most importantly – it’s about Alumni Band! Every year at Homecoming, past members of the British Eighth Marching Band return for another chance to step onto the football field and making music with the greatest marching band in the MIAA.

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High School Honor Band

The High School Honor Band provides talented student musicians with the opportunity to rehearse and perform some of the best in wind band literature (both new and old) within a traditional symphonic band setting comprised of other high school students from across the state of Michigan.

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Liberal Arts Jazz Festival

The Liberal Arts Jazz Festival is designed to provide small liberal arts colleges and select high school jazz bands a unique educational opporunity to perform for a group of jazz professionals serving as guest clinicians in a positive and supportive environment. The clinicians then spend time rehearsing each participating jazz ensemble and helping them to grow as musicians. The event culminates in an evening performance by the clinicians. The Liberal Arts Jazz Festival is co-hosted by Albion College and Hillsdale College, with each school taking turns as host. Albion College hosts on even years - 2014, 2016, etc.

Piano Festival

The Albion College Piano Festival began in the fall of 2008. It was inspired by the memory of Vera Reed, an Albion resident and piano teacher who taught into her nineties and played even later in her life. While there is a competition element, and students can compete for cash prizes, it is our hope that students will find this festival to be more about performing, meeting and hearing other students, and taking lessons/master classes from Albion Faculty and guest artists. In other words, we view this festival as educational first and foremost.

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Lessons and Carols

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes “Lessons and Carols”, a holiday festival featuring the Albion College Concert Choir and Briton Singers. Come celebrate the season on Sunday, December 6, at 7 p.m. in Goodrich Chapel!

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Albion Choralfest

We are happy to announce the guest clinician for this year's Choralfest on October 16 will be well-known arranger Stacey V. Gibbs. This annual event brings about 300 high school choristers from around the state to Goodrich Chapel for a day of performances and rehearsals. The event starts at 8:30am and ends at 2:30pm, and is free and open to the public.

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High School Honor Band Application


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