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Marty Nesbitt

From basketball captain to presidential advisor.

Albion teaches you how to rigorously think through issues and solve problems.

Marty worked hard in high school.

Marty grew up in a tough neighborhood and had to overcome many obstacles. But through his determination and competitive spirit, he earned a scholarship to a prestigious high school. The school’s recommendation letter read, “To say that Marty Nesbitt cares, is emotionally involved in his school, his coaches and teachers, is the most classic of understatements.” And when he was searching for a college where he could continue to make an impact, he chose Albion.

At Albion, he became a strong leader.

He maintained his competitive streak at Albion, both in the classroom and on the court, where he served as co-captain of the basketball team. He became a member of what is now the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management and landed an internship at Deloitte, a leading public accounting firm. Through these experiences, Marty discovered his ability to lead and inspire others.

Today, he's part of a powerful group.

Early in his career, Marty became a close friend and confidant of a young Barack Obama, and went on to serve as advisor and treasurer for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago—which he attended on a full-tuition scholarship—and after more than a decade leading The Parking Spot, a $400-million airport parking company he founded, he has launched The Vistria Group, a private equity firm focused on the education, healthcare and financial-services industries.

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Katie Pickworth

Katie was selected for Albion's Student Research Partners Program before she even began her first semester.

I have been interested in research since high school. The Student Research Partners Program was a large part of the reason I selected Albion. Having a paid research position is pretty remarkable.

She worked with psychology professor Andrew Christopher in his research on the relationship between conscientiousness and risk-taking.

Katie has since taken her research interest to the next level.

She's trying to find psychological and neurological triggers that can be linked to obesity. In between her junior and senior years, she explored just that alongside some of the brightest minds around at the National Institutes of Health. As an NIH Undergraduate Scholar, she returns to Maryland after graduation for a second 10-week internship, followed by two years of employment at the agency.

Meanwhile, graduation comes on the heels of her senior thesis, which examines the treatment of anorexia nervosa in the United States.

Research isn't a chore or a job. It's something I want to do.

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Emily McLaughlin

In a nutshell, what do you do?
I work within the Industrials Equity Research team, providing coverage of machinery stocks for investors (hedge funds, mutual funds, etc.). On a daily basis, our team builds and updates financial models, writes research reports, communicates ideas to investors, and tries to find differentiated methods to most accurately analyze and forecast our stocks under coverage.
Why do you love what you do?
I love what I do because the job and responsibilities are constantly evolving. One day I may be traveling for conferences or analyst events, the next day I may be poring over financial models into the wee hours if a company reported earnings. I have the opportunity to talk to so many different people, including high-level company executives, industry professionals and clients. It’s always exciting and never a dull moment in this world.
How did Albion help you get there?
Albion gave me a very important thing—an enthusiastic alumni network. Leveraging this network, I accepted a two-month internship at NorthPointe Capital where I worked and learned under many fantastic and incredibly intelligent people who passed along my résumé and kind words of recommendation to my first boss in New York City, where I spent over two years. This connection was crucial given that many in this industry attended Harvard, Yale, Wharton and other Ivy League institutions, giving them an instant advantage on paper. Beyond this, I spoke with several alumni who gave me interviewing tips, put in a good word with their respective firms, and were in general just eager to help out a fellow Brit. Having so many great alumni in your court to vouch for you, utilize their connections on your behalf, and give you advice is really an invaluable thing.

In addition, during my four years, Albion gave me access to exceptionally smart professors whom I will always appreciate for helping me realize my love for economics and finance—and giving me the tools I needed to succeed.
For me, Albion...
...was the best four years of my life.
Anything else you’d like to add?
The E&M department is truly remarkable. I admire this group of people for their passion, intelligence and willingness to help students during their four years and even as they continue the journey in their professional careers. If finance is a career you plan to enter, do not underestimate the importance of rigorous coursework. Advanced accounting does matter, statistics does matter, and learn Excel like your life depends on it.

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Heather Waldron

In a nutshell, what do you do?
I work in the Market Risk department which looks at Goldman's exposure to daily swings in the market. Within that department, I sit specifically in an infrastructure role that helps to streamline daily reporting.
Why do you love what you do?
After the 2008 economic crisis, a lot of emphasis has been put on risk management. It is nice to know that the work I am doing, is important to the company as a whole. I also love the big picture type of problem solving that I had the chance to work on to improve the efficiency of daily tasks.
How did Albion help you get there?
Albion gave me a lot of extracurricular opportunities along with a strong academic background.I think that was very important in teaching me time management, prioritization, and overall "project juggling." With such a small school, I have also had several chances to practice my communication skills including public speaking, interacting with groups, and writing.
For me, Albion…
…was a wonderful balance of academics and extracurriculars that have made me a well-rounded and educated student ready to enter the workforce. Getting involved is the best way to experience Albion.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Go Brits!

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