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A draft listing of Albion College Homecoming 2017 events can be found below. The drop-down menu can be used to view events for individual days. The Homecoming Booklet with all scheduled events and locations will be available at the registration desk during Homecoming.


Registration is ​scheduled to open in Mid-July.

If you have not registered prior to this date, please stop at the registration and information tent near the Kellogg Center to register, or go to the "Walk-in" line for lunch.

See you back on campus!

Friday, October 20

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Art Exhibits Open

Location: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center

More information coming.

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Campus Bookstore Open

Location: First Floor, Kellogg Center

Visit the Bookstore and get all your Albion College gear!

12 - 5 p.m.

Registration and Information Desk Open

Location: First Level and Langbo Living Room, Kellogg Center

Begin your visit here! Pick up the full schedule of events and a campus map, have your questions answered, print a nametag, and enjoy refreshments with alumni and staff.

5:30 p.m.

Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner

Location: Upper Baldwin Hall

Albion College will induct individuals and teams into the College's Athletic Hall of Fame for their distinguished achievement in, or service to, Briton athletics. Reception at 5:30 p.m. Dinner and Ceremony at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, October 21

8 - 10 a.m.

College Breakfast

Location: Lower Baldwin Hall

Join alumni and friends of the College for an informal breakfast. Pay at the door, $8.75.

9 - 11 a.m.

Gerstacker Institute Open House

Location: Robinson Hall

Gerstacker Institute director, Laurel Draudt and current Gerstacker students will be available to provide updates and insights on the Gerstacker Institute. We look forward to you stopping by the Gerstacker suite and reminiscing about your time with the Institute.

9 - 11 a.m.

Ford Institute Open House

Location: Robinson Hall

Open House for Ford alumni and current students.

9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Library and College Archives Display

Location: First Floor, Kellogg Center

Do you have questions about the history of Albion College? Stop at the Library's Homecoming display and meet the College's Marilyn Crandell Schleg Archivist, Justin Seidler. On display will be numerous Albion College yearbooks, issues of the Pleiad, and a variety of artifacts and photos from the College Archives collection. We invite alumni to share memories and to help identify people and events in some of the unlabeled photographs that have been added to the Archives Collection through the years.

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Registration and Information Desk Open

Location: Registration tent outside of the Kellogg Center

Begin your visit here! Pick up the full weekend schedule of events, a campus map, name tag and giveaways while enjoying refreshments with alumni and staff. Refreshments may be moved inside to the Kellogg Center if inclement weather.

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Art Exhibits Open

Location: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center

More information coming.

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Bookstore Open

Location: First Floor, Kellogg Center

Visit the Bookstore and get all your Albion College gear!

10 - 11 a.m.

Swim and Dive Open House

Location: Dean Aquatic Center, Pool Deck

Join the current swim and dive team and coaches for an open house to meet and greet nd reminies about fun times in the pool. 

For more information, contact Emily Eaton at

10 - 11:15 a.m.

College Update

Location: Gerstacker Commons, Second Floor, Kellogg Center

Join Albion College President Mauri Ditzler, Preident's Advisory Council and the Alumni Board for an update on the current state of the College.

10 - 11:30 a.m.

Psychology Reception

Location: Olin Hall, 3rd floor lounge

Come join Albion College Department of Psychological Science faculty and staff to mingle with fellow alumni, parents, and friends. Light refreshments will be provided.

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Tailgate Reception

Location: Tailgate - Ferguson Parking Lot

The Chemistry Department welcomes alumni of all majors to our annual event. Come join us for a burger and a beverage and a few stories. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Homecoming Tailgate

Location: Green space south of Kellogg Center, near the Ferguson Parking Lot

A stop at this tent is a must! Mingle with fellow alumni, parents, and friends, pick up some fun giveaways, and kick off your Homecoming right.

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Whitehouse Nature Center Interpretive Building Open

Location: Outside Whitehouse Nature Center

The Whitehouse Nature Center offers guests the chance to learn about nature as well as explore the ecosystem of the Kalamazoo River with several beautiful nature trails. Trails open from dawn to dusk.

10:30 a.m.

Alumni Band Check-in

Location: Goodrich Chapel

11 a.m.

Alumni Band Rehearsal

Location: Goodrich Chapel

The British Eighth Alumni Band will rehearse Saturday morning at Goodrich Chapel, and will perform together with the College's current marching band. Both bands will march to the tailgate area for lunch and during halftime of the home football game. Both bands will play from the stands during the game. All former marching band members from any year are welcome to participate.

11 a.m.

Men's Soccer vs. Adrian College

Location: Alumni Field

11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Department of Anthropology and Sociology Gathering

Location: Near Tailgate

Anthropology and Sociology invites all current and former students to join our informal gathering before the game. See old friends, make new ones.

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Homecoming Lunch

Location: Big "Brit" Tent, green space south of Kellogg Center, near the Ferguson Parking Lot

All alumni, faculty, staff and friends are invited to a pre-game luncheon.

Register by September 30 to receive a complimentary lunch.

If you have not registered prior to this date, please stop at the registration and information tent near the Kellogg Center to register, or go to the "Walk-in" line for lunch. 

1 p.m.

Football Game vs. Alma College

Location: Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium

Cheer on the Britons! The halftime program will feature the Homecoming Court, the British Eighth, and the Alumni Band. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $5.

2 - 6 p.m.

Walk the Beat

Location: Downtown Albion

The main Walk the Beat event hosts dozens of artists from all over the state in local business' and venues, where participants can literally "walk the beat" from show to show and enter a series of giveaways along the way. It's the perfect way to expose emerging musicians, as well as support local business in a big party!

3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Biology Department Reception

At the home of Dan and Viveca Skean, 1001 S Hannah Street, just across from the Victory Park sled hill.

Reception for alumni and friends. Light refreshments will be provided.

3:30 - 6 p.m.

Geology Alumni Open House

Location: Larry and Jean Taylor's, 1111 Rivers Bend Drive, Albion

A gathering for geology alumni, current students and friends of the department at the home of Professor Emeritus Dr. Larry and Jean Taylor.

5 p.m.

Women's Volleyball vs. Alma College

Location: Kresge Gymnasium

5:30 p.m.

Eat Shop Open

Location: Second Floor, Kellogg Center

8 p.m.

Music Department Homecoming College Concert

Location: Goodrich Chapel

Enjoy performances by the choirs, orchestra, and jazz band.

between 10 a.m. and the game

Sorority Open Houses

Location: Sorority Lodges

All sorority lodges will be open to alumnae and friends. Visit your lodge throughout the day!

All Day

Fraternity Open Houses

Location: Fraternity Houses

All fraternity houses will be open to alumni and friends. Visit your house throughout the day!

Following the
Football Game

Class Reunions

  • Class of 1957
  • Class of 1962
  • Class of 1967
  • Class of 1972
  • Class of 1977
  • Class of 1982
  • Class of 1987
  • Class of 1992
  • Class of 1997
  • Class of 2002
  • Class of 2007
  • Class of 2012

Check your Class Reunions details here.

For more information about Homecoming, e-mail or call the Office of College Events at 517/629-0448.

Legacy Stories: Pryce Hadley, '12

Pryce Hadley, '12, and his uncle Tom Bender, '85
Pryce Hadley, '12, and his uncle Tom Bender, '85

Pryce Hadley, '12, had a distinguished college career at Albion. He won a Udall Environmental Scholarship his junior year and helped to start Albion's student farm.

Now he's helping launch an iOS app with his uncle Tom Bender, '85.

Pryce moved to Boulder, Colorado last fall to help kick start History Spots Inc., Tom's mobile tech start-up. Their first project is an education entertainment mobile web app called The Story of Where.

"The Story of Where pulls from a variety of publicly available historical databases, such as the National Register of Historical Places, to fuel a user-friendly, place-based educational tool," Pryce says.

Filling a Need

The idea, says his uncle Tom, came from his own cross-country travels with his family.

"My kids were in the back seat on their iPod Touches killing zombies, flinging Angry Birds and playing Doodle Jump and I thought, 'Hey, there needs to be an app that tells kids all about their surroundings on a road trip,'" Tom says.

Unhappy with the travel apps available, Tom decided to launch his own -- with Pryce joining him in September 2012.

Making The Choice

Jeff Petherick, '85; Dr. Wes Dick, history professor; Pryce Hadley, '12; and Tom Bender, '85, at Pryce's graduation
Jeff Petherick, '85; Dr. Wes Dick, history professor; Pryce Hadley, '12; and Tom Bender, '85, at Pryce's graduation.

During his own college search, Pryce valued the guidance of his uncle.

"I wouldn't have heard of Albion without his advice," Pryce says. "As I was raised in the Upper Peninsula, Albion was not exactly on my radar. My uncle's stories about going to college and the funky places he discovered in the surrounding community caught my attention."

Ultimately, Pryce's interest in the environment drew him to Albion.

"It was Albion's Center for Sustainability & the Environment that sealed the deal," Pryce says. "Dr. Tim Lincoln and the other professors involved with environmental causes on campus are truly a great, open-minded bunch. They convinced me it was worth giving Albion a shot."

The Albion Family Connection

Tom had a family connection to Albion as well. His uncle, Bill Pincoe, '61, was captain of Albion's baseball team. Tom remembers playing with his uncle's baseball gear while visiting his grandparents in Battle Creek, Mich.

Although his mother and father each attended different colleges, Tom says he always had a "draw for the purple and the gold."

"I look back on the Albion College experience and have some wonderful memories," he says. "I remain very close with many, many friends from Albion and continue to see many of them once or twice a year in Colorado and Michigan."

Download The Story of Where on the Apple App Store

Legacy Stories: Holly Pyper, '16

Holly, '16, and Lee Pyper, '81
Holly, '16, and Lee Pyper, '81

While Holly Pyper, '16, says she never felt pressure from her Albion College alumni parents to attend their alma mater, the exposure to all things Albion sure helped when it came time to make a decision.

Holly remembers visiting Albion as young as eight years old, together with her dad, Jay, '79, and mom, Lee, '81, during Homecoming and reunions.

"It's so funny to see campus now versus when I was 12," Holly says. "Back then, it all seemed so overwhelming. I didn't realize it, but eventually Albion started to feel like home."

Pressure from her grandfather, a University of Michigan alumnus, and her Michigan-bound high school friends, was there, however.

"Up north at my grandparents' house, it was a big battle in the family," Holly says. "But my parents said, 'You go where you fit best.'"

Finding Albion On Her Own

"It's no secret I always hoped that she would attend Albion," mother Lee Pyper, '81, says, "and enjoy it as much as I did!"

When it came to looking at colleges, Holly wanted a good business program and the opportunity to study Spanish. She looked at large and small schools.

But when she toured Albion, "it all just clicked," she says.

History Repeats Itself

Lee Pyper's experience was similar to her daughters. Her mother Helen Adler, '41, didn't pressure her either. It was the simple exposure to Albion stories that helped Lee make a decision.

Helen Adler, '41; Holly Pyper, '16; Lee Pyper, '81
Helen Adler, '41; Holly Pyper, '16; Lee Pyper, '81

"I knew I wanted a small school, and the stories my mom told of her college days always sounded so nice to me," she says. "I applied only to Albion, sight unseen, and the first time I saw the campus was when my parents dropped me off on day one of freshman year. I immediately felt at home."

Her best memories? All "the simple things": BACs (Big Albion Cookies), music in the Keller with friends, Little John's, Sunday pizza dinners from Cascarelli's, the Quad, Friday night movies at Norris, Alpha Chi Omega activities, "and of course meeting my husband," Lee says.

"Now we re-live our college experiences through Holly," Lee says.

Lee says that by the time Holly was a junior in high school, she was pretty sure that Albion was the place for her. Other schools didn't get what Holly calls the "preferred treatment."

"It was nice to have my parents' support for whatever it was I ended up doing," Holly says.

Albion's Legacy Story Continues

Jay, '79, Holly, '16, and Lee, '81, Pyper
Jay, '79, Holly, '16, and Lee, '81, Pyper

Now, as a tour guide, she talks to alumni who are bringing their children to campus for visits.

"They're still passionate about Albion, and happy to be back on campus," Holly says. "And they're thrilled to have their children considering Albion. It was neat to see it from an outside perspective."

And just like Holly, those students' immersion in Albion stories could bring them here, too.

"I was meant to be a Brit," Holly says.

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