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Meritorious Service Award Selection Criteria

No more than three such awards shall be given in a year.

  1. Only Alumni of Albion College shall be eligible for the award.
  2. Time, effort, and monetary gifts on behalf of Albion College shall constitute the criteria in considering a candidate for the award. The award may recognize one, two, or three of these elements.
  3. Exempted from consideration for the award are current members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, members of the Board of Trustees (not including honorary trustees), faculty, and staff. Once an individual is no longer in any of the above categories, he/she will be eligible for consideration.
  4. Nomination and election to receive the Meritorious Service Award shall follow the process used to nominate and elect individuals receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award.

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Distinguished Alumni Award Selection Criteria

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Alumni Directory FAQ

Q: Who can use the online alumni directory?
The online directory is available to all Albion College alumni.

Q: How do I receive an assigned username and temporary password?
You may receive an assigned username and password by contacting or calling the Office of Alumni Engagement at 517/629-0448. You will need to provide your full name, class year, and address. Once the Office of Alumni Engagement verifies your eligibility, an assigned username and temporary password will be provided to you.

Q: Who is listed in the directory?
The directory includes all alumni who have completed at least 2 semesters at Albion College with the following exceptions:

  • deceased alumn.
  • alumni who have requested that Albion College not release their information.

Q: What information is included for each record?
Each record contains the following, provided the information is on file with Albion College and the alumnus/a has given permission for the information to be released:

  • name
  • maiden name
  • preferred address
  • preferred telephone number
  • preferred email address

Q: How do I update my information?
If your information is incorrect or if you would like to remove all or part of your listing, pleased contact .

Information is updated as it is received by Albion College.

Q: What if I'm having problems locating someone in the directory?
Please be sure to have the correct spelling of the name or part of the name. For instance, a partial correct spelling such as GRADY will return Grady, O'Grady, and any name with GRADY in the spelling. Make sure that you have not included special characters such as spaces, hyphens, or apostrophes. For instance, an entry of VAN BUREN will produce no results, while an entry of VANBUREN will return VanBuren and Van Buren.

Contact Us

The Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement offices are located on the third floor of the William C. Ferguson Student, Technology, and Administrative Services Building.

The Office of Alumni Engagement welcomes your comments! Please use the form below to submit your comments or questions.

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Mailing Address:

Office of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement
Albion College
611 E. Porter St.
Albion, MI 49224


Phone: 517/629-0448

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