Graduate and Professional School

Below is a list of graduate and professional programs recently attended by Albion College Economics and Management graduates.

Schools and Degrees:

American University

Washington College of Law - J.D.

Brandis University

Master's in sustainable international development

Columbia University

Juris Doctorate (J.D.)

Imperial College, London

Master's in management

Johns Hopkins University

Master's in marketing and market research

London School of Economics

Master's in economic history

Loyola University

Master's in social justice

Michigan State University

Master's in human resources and labor relations
College of Law - J.D. 

Oakland University


Purdue University

Master's in mathematical statistics

University of Chicago


University of Detroit


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Master's in sports management

University of London

MSc in development studies at School of Oriental and African Studies

University of Michigan

Master's in information management
Master's economics
Master's in accountancy
Master's in urban planning
Master's in public health
Master's in public policy

University of Minnesota

Master's in human resources
Master's in industrial relations

University of Notre Dame

Master's in accountancy

University of Pennsylvania

M.S. in higher education administration

University of Toledo

Master's in music performance 

University of Virginia

Master's in accountancy

University of Wisconsin at Madison


Vanderbilt University


Wayne State University