Building the Albion Legacy in Your Family

Summer/Fall Admissions Visit Programs

The following Admissions Visit Day programs offer an excellent opportunity to introduce a promising high school student to Albion College. We also welcome individual campus visits at any time, and will design interviews and a campus tour based on the student's interests. Just call 800/858-6770 or visit our Web site at to make all arrangements.

Monday, July 9
Monday, August 27
Friday, September 28
Saturday, October 12
Saturday, October 20
Friday, November 2
Friday, November 16
General Visit Day
General Visit Day
Fine Arts and Humanities Day
General Visit Day
Student Athlete Day
Science and Health Professions Day
General Visit Day

If you are already part of a historic family involvement with Albion College, or if you'd like to start such a tradition in your family, here's a benefit that will be of interest:

A $1,500 Alumni Grant will be awarded to all incoming students whose family includes at least one Albion alumna/alumnus (sister, brother, father, mother, grandparents). This grant, offered without regard to financial need, is renewable for all four years.

To qualify, the student simply needs to indicate his or her family's alumni status when submitting an application for admission.

Applying for admission online makes the process easy-and it's free! For more admissions information and to find the online application, go to: