Gifts of Stocks and Securities

Many of Albion's supporters like to make gifts of stock, bonds or mutual funds. This method of giving often carries the advantage of earning an income tax deduction for the full value of the stock without having to pay capital gains tax on any appreciation.

If you wish to make such a gift, there are a few details you, your broker, or your trust officer will need.

A Special Note About Gifts of Mutual Fund Shares and Dividend Reinvestment Shares

It can take several weeks to transfer these shares, so if you are trying to meet a deadline such as the end of the calendar year, you may wish to start the procedure early. The transfer information which follows applies equally to these shares.

Another Very Important Note

When you decide to transfer shares to Albion College, please call us at 517/629-0402. This is particularly important if shares are being transferred by your broker or trustee, as we sometimes receive shares with no way of knowing who gave them! Or, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Some Miscellaneous Information

Other Assets: If you want to transfer bonds, government securities such as GNMA, or other non-stock assets such as international currency, please call 517/629-0402 for instructions and/or assistance.

Valuation and Receipt: Upon receipt of your gift of listed stock or other securities, Albion College will utilize the IRS-mandated valuation method of computing the mean (average) of the high and low trading prices on the date of transfer. Closing values are not considered. You will, within a few days, receive your receipt for your gift.

Restricted Gifts: If you wish to restrict your gift to a particular project or fund at Albion College, please communicate that information to Albion College.

If your broker or trustee holds shares in an account or street form (no certificate):

If your broker or trustee has possession of the certificate:

If you have possession of the stock certificate, you can choose to:


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