Information Technology (Acceptable Usage)


Albion College grants permission to all students, faculty and staff for the academic and non-commercial use of Albion College electronic resources and services in support of the educational, research and service missions of the College.

Implied Consent

Each user with access to the College's computing resources is personally responsible to use these services appropriately and by their use agrees to comply with all applicable Albion College policies, including, as applicable, the Merit Acceptable Use Policy (available at, the Albion College Acceptable Use Policy for Use of the Residential Network, the Albion College World Wide Web Policy, the Albion College Academic Catalog, the Albion College Employee Services Manual including Policies and Procedures, the Albion College Faculty Handbook and the Albion College Student Handbook. Users are responsible for informing themselves of changes in those policies as they occur.

Each user with access to Albion College's computing resources is also personally responsible to use the services only lawfully, and by their use agrees to comply with all local, state, federal and applicable international laws. Albion College does not undertake to provide comprehensive legal guidance to its users. However, these federal and state statutes are of particular importance to information network users:

Open Expression

Albion College recognizes an individual's rights to freedom of thought, inquiry and expression specifically as they extend to the electronic information environment. Albion College does not monitor, review or endorse the creation of personal World Wide Web pages and is not responsible for their contents; the views and opinions expressed in such pages or in electronic mail are strictly those of the authors. The College cannot ensure the total privacy or security of electronic documents, including but not limited to that information transmitted by electronic mail. Accidental access or access to electronic documents by hackers must always be considered as a possible risk. Albion College will take reasonable precautions to protect the privacy of electronic documents and will not endeavor to access user documents or messages except when necessary to:


When the restrictions of this policy interfere with the educational, research or service missions of the College, members of the College community may request a written waiver. Requests for waivers should be directed to the vice president for information technology (e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

General Standards for Acceptable Use of Computer Resources

Electronic resources and services are provided to users in support of the educational, research and service missions of the College. Uses that threaten or interfere with the mission of the College, the integrity of the network, the privacy or safety of others, or that are illegal, are forbidden.

The following activities and behaviors are prohibited:

User Identification

Access to Computer Resources

Operational Integrity


Network access will be disconnected as follows:

This policy is subject to updates. Please view the most current version of this policy at