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Full-time Faculty and Administrative employees
Tuition remission benefit provisions for union employees are detailed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Policy Statement
Tuition remission/exchange is intended to provide undergraduate education leading to the first baccalaureate degree. Tuition remission or exchange is extended to eligible full-time faculty and administrativeemployees of Albion College, and their spouses and dependents in accordance with the following provisions:

Eligibility Defined

  1. An Eligible Staff Member includes faculty and, administrative or hourly members who meet all academic and admission requirements of the College and who is classified as regular and full-time employee.
  2. An Eligible Spouse is defined as the legal wife or husband of an eligible staff member.
  3. An Eligible Dependent is defined as a natural born child, legally adopted child, or stepchild, unmarried, who is eligible to be claimed as a deduction on the eligible staff member's income tax return for the previous two years and in the tax period in which the tuition is waived, and who meets all the admission and academic requirements of the College. Stepchildren must also have established residency on a permanent basis in the staff member's household.

Wait Periods
90 days of full-time employment for staff members
2 years of full-time employment of staff member for benefits to be extended to spouse and/or dependent.

Termination of Employment

Tuition remission or exchange will terminate at the end of the semester in which the full-time faculty, administrative or hourly member ceases to be employed by the College. Eligible spouses and dependents are entitled to tuition benefits as long as the staff member remains in the service of the College but their eligibility will not be terminated if the staff member retires under an approved College plan, dies or becomes totally disabled during service, provided the staff member has served a minimum of five years of service prior to retirement, death or disability. The tuition remission privilege would, however, terminate for the spouse upon remarriage.


Exceptions to this policy, if any, need to be authorized in advance by the appropriate vice-president or president in consultation with the business office.


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