Tuition Remission Policy

Policy Statement
Tuition remission is intended to provide undergraduate education leading to the first baccalaureate degree. Tuition remission is extended to eligible full-time faculty, administrative and hourly employees of Albion College, and their spouses and dependents in accordance with the following provisions:

Eligibility Defined


For eligible dependents after a two year waiting period, tuition remission at 100% is provided for undergraduate courses at Albion College.  Eligible dependents of faculty and administrative members after a two year waiting period may also participate in the Tuition Exchange Program with the twelve GLCA member colleges and two members of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (Beloit and Grinnell) or participate in a balanced exchange program with Adrian, Alma and Olivet.

For eligible full-time faculty, administrative or hourly employee after a 90-day waiting period is eligible to enroll in one course per semester. Tuition remission at 100% is provided for undergraduate courses at Albion College providing there is space available.

For eligible spouses after a two year waiting period, tuition remission at 100% is provided for undergraduate courses at Albion College providing there is space available.

Eligible spouses and dependents that hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to take additional course work will pay $200 for a one unit course.

Eligible spouses and dependents that take more than a full load (4.5 units) will be responsible for 50% of the tuition cost associated with the over load.

For eligible dependents wishing to accelerate a program during the regular school year at Albion College, wherein such acceleration is merely for the purpose for entry into another college or into Albion College as a regular student, tuition remission shall equal 50% of the standard rate of tuition. Further, the student may be admitted to the course only if regular enrollment is sufficient to make the course pay and there is space available.


Tuition remission shall be granted to eligible dependents for eight semesters of academic work or the attainment of a bachelor’s degree, which ever occurs first. Tuition remission shall not apply to other fees, room and board charges, textbooks and supplies, any other cost of instruction, tuition and fees for non-credit courses, special programs or Summer College.

Financial Aid

Eligible individuals will not be eligible for the tuition benefit unless they also apply for financial aid which includes completion of the FAFSA Application form. Any other cash aid received shall be applied first to tuition charges, reducing the Tuition Remission grant and then to other charges and fees.  Total assistance from Financial Aid and Tuition Remission is not to exceed the cost of tuition, fees and necessary books and supplies.

Application Procedure

Individuals eligible for benefits under this policy must apply to the college directly using the normal application channels and register for courses through normal registration channels. Upon acceptance into the College the enrollee will need to secure and submit a Tuition Remission Request Form and secure necessary documentation of eligibility to the Business Office which includes:

a) Approval of the staff member's immediate supervisor, director, or vice-president.

b) Financial Aid Office certification that application has been made for financial aid.


Status Sessions

Studies must be on a full-time basis for dependents and employees may take one unit per semester.


Tuition remission will apply only to enrollment in regularly scheduled, credit courses during the Fall, and Spring sessions.


Class Attendance

It is expected that courses be taken outside of regular working hours and all class attendance by staff members requires the approval of the staff member's immediate supervisor and appropriate Vice-President each term.


Class Space

If a course becomes oversubscribed, preference will be given to paying students.


Termination of Employment

Tuition remission or exchange will terminate at the end of the semester in which the full-time faculty, administrative or hourly member ceases to be employed by the College. Eligible spouses and dependents are entitled to tuition benefits as long as the staff member remains in the service of the College but their eligibility will not be terminated if the staff member retires under an approved College plan, dies or becomes totally disabled during service, provided the staff member has served a minimum of five years of service prior to retirement, death or disability. The tuition remission privilege would, however, terminate for the spouse upon remarriage.



Exceptions to this policy, if any, need to be authorized in advance by the appropriate vice-president or president in consultation with the business office.

Tuition Remission Request Form (PDF)


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