Theses for Honors / Major / Minor / Concentration

Honors thesis books in the Observatory.


Friday, April 1, 2016  - Signature Sheets and 1 Title Page are due by 4:00pm to Honors Coordinator

Thursday, April 7, 2016 - All completed copies of the Thesis are due by 4:00pm to Honors Coordinator

The thesis is one of the most unique and rigorous elements of the Honors experience. During their junior year, Honors students normally enroll in a 1/4-unit Thesis Development seminar designed to help them develop a thesis topic, select an advisor, and begin their preliminary research. Research and writing continue and the thesis is completed during the student's senior year. All research and writing take place under the close supervision of a thesis committee consisting of a thesis advisor and two other faculty readers of the student's choosing.

The Honors thesis provides a unique opportunity for Honors students to develop their capacity for independent research. It also provides excellent preparation for many graduate study programs.

Please also visit the Elkin Isaac Research Symposium and Institutional Review Board.