Poland Trip Description


Oskar Schindler's former factory

Albion College's Holocaust Studies Program Service-Learning Project in Poland took place from May 10 to May 19, 2015. The students, faculty, and staff members spent nine days in Poland working, learning, and visiting sites related to the Holocaust and Polish Jewry.

The group spent five days in Wroclaw, mostly doing hard physical work restoring a Jewish cemetery. In the evening, the group met to discuss readings and their experiences.

The group traveled to Krakow, where they visited Kazimierz, the city's historic Jewish quarter. The group visited Oskar Schindler's former factory at 4 Lipowa Street, where in 2001 Albion College students dedicated a large historical plaque which adorns the building. They Visited other historically and culturally important Jewish sites in Krakow as well.

Finally, the group made an excursion to nearby Auschwitz-Birkenau.

During the spring semester students going on the trip meet for a mandatory one-half-unit proseminar that covers the history of Poland, the Holocaust, Jews in Poland both before and after World War II, and the transformation of Poland since the fall of communism.

Auschwitz_2011 Train_Tracks_Birkenau