British Horse Society

The Nancy G. Held Center gained approval as a British Horse Society riding establishment in July of 2007. Certification as an official British Horse Society training center was earned in December of 2009.

As such, Albion College is able to offer its students a unique educational opportunity: students enrolled in this program will be able to earn their Bachelor's degree (B.A.) from Albion while training and studying for their British Horse Society examinations, allowing them to gain BHS Assistant Instructor status (International Level I) while earning their undergraduate degree.

Additionally, riders, instructors, and trainers
who wish to expand their hands-on training in


the equine field may apply to train full-time for
their British Horse Society certification at the Held Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Program Application 2010

We will continue to update this page as more elements of this exciting new program are put into place in the coming year. Should you have questions concerning the program or want more information, please contact us.