Following is a partial list of elective courses Gerstacker students may wish to consider. Please note that some of these have prerequisite requirements that are not listed here.

Economics & Management

311 Intermediate Accounting I
312 Intermediate Accounting II
331 Money and Banking
336 Marketing Principles and Decision-Making
341 Federal Income Taxation
342 Auditing
344 Portfolio Theory
348 Financial Management
350 Business Law
355 Human Resource Management
368 Financial Markets
376 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
382 Strategic Management
383 Accounting Information Systems
384 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
385 Advanced Taxation

Anthropology & Sociology

375 Global Transformations

Communication Studies

203 Small Group and Organizational Communication
205 Mass Communication
306 Public Relations
313 Intercultural Communication
341 Advanced Public Speaking

Computer Science

151 Survey of Computing
171 Introduction to Computer Science I
261 Computers, the User and Society

International Studies

130 Introduction to International Studies
370 Building on International and Intercultural Experiences


326 Operations Research

Modern Languages and Cultures

105 Intercultural Understanding and Global Issues
French, Spanish, German, Japanese language and culture courses


107 Logic and Critical Reasoning
302 Leadership Ethics

Political Science

216 Public Policy Analysis


236 Social Psychology
246 Industrial and Organizational Psychology