Why Gerstacker?

Students participating in Recruitment Night, September 9, 2014.

Melissa Mergerian, '12, Lindsey Keyes Tapping, 12, Joe Schmidt, '12, Jim Cash, '08, CJ Carroll, '13, Recruit for PWC at Recruitment Night, September 9, 2014.
John Bedient catches up with Katie Petchel, '13 and Mike Beck, '14, who returned to campus to recruit for U of M Masters of Accountancy Program.
David Van Ittersum, '16, pointing out Chicago before leaving for his summer school trip, July, 2014.
The hostel where Gertacker Institute students stayed in Chicago during summer school, July, 2014.
Joe Mayone, '16 and David Van Ittersum, '16, deciding how to spend their free time during a visit to Chicago, July 2014.
Recruitment night, September, 2014.

One Word: Opportunity

Gerstacker students have a wealth of opportunities to examine and understand their strengths, their values, their beliefs, and the careers that best fit their passions. The Institute has a rich tradition of producing graduates committed to making a difference in their workplaces and in their communities.

The program is a national leader in the ways that students are put into real-world situations in order to gain practical experience outside the classroom. To complement their liberal arts and business-related courses, Albion's Gerstacker students attend workshops, listen to and interact with various speakers, and participate in full-time internships.

The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management, Albion's business program, was founded in 1973 on the professional and personal paradigm that governed the life and career of former Dow Chemical Company (and Albion College) Chairman of the Board Carl A. Gerstacker. He believed that high ethical standards and a commitment to people were the key components in developing and sustaining a successful business.