Faculty News

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Van de Ven! Chris was both tenured and promoted in spring 2010. The tenure decision was announced after the February meeting of the Board of Trustees and the promotion from assistant to associate professor after the May board meeting.

Dr. Beth Lincoln completed her term as interim Associate Dean of the Faculty for 2009-10. She worked in the Office of Academic Affairs, under Provost Dr. Susan Conner. Beth has extensive administrative experience and this was her third term as associate dean.

Dr. Carrie Menold traveled to India in July/August 2010 to begin a new field research project.

Mick McRivette finished another year of supporting the department with adjunct teaching. Mick also directed our field camp both last summer and this summer. We congratulate Mick for landing a visiting faculty position at Grand Valley State University. He has been a great addition to our department and we will miss him.