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Emma Stapley, '16

Emma Stapley, '16, is writing a novella based in the First World War. Read More »

Emma Schaff, '14

Emma Schaff, '14, studies creativity and pronoun use. Read More »

Wally Kacher, '14

Wally Kacher, '14, studies hip-hop music and Detroit. Read More »

Scott DesRosiers, '15, and Rachel Kohanov, '14

Scott DesRosiers, '15, and Rachel Kohanov, '14, study bird calls at the Whitehouse Nature Center.

Chris Blaker, '14

Chris Blaker, '14, studies World War II and Albion College. Read More »

Callie Bussell, '14

Callie Bussell, '14, studies the history of acting. Read More »

Allison McClish, '15

Allison McClish, '15, studies infections in fruit flies. Read More »

Alex Yaw, '13

Alex Yaw, '13, studies circadian rhythms and muscle performance. Read More »

  • Emma Stapley, '16
  • Emma Schaff, '14
  • Wally Kacher, '14
  • Scott DesRosiers, '15, and Rachel Kohanov, '14
  • Chris Blaker, '14
  • Callie Bussell, '14
  • Allison McClish, '15
  • Alex Yaw, '13

FURSCA is the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity.

And it's where you’ll find solutions to real problems.

Investigation. Interpretation. Presentation. Put them together and you have one of the highest forms of learning. At the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA), we pair students with faculty mentors to develop and carry out research and other creative projects. Our programs are open to students in every discipline.

It’s hands-on.
It’s original.
It’s creative.
And it’s all up to you.

You’ll choose your subject, develop your methodology, pursue your interest, interpret your findings, and present the results. The Elkin R. Isaac Student Research Symposium is held one day each spring, and classes are canceled to allow the entire campus to attend. So immerse yourself in the subjects that inspire you. And be ready for your next big step.