Class of 1960 Albion Community Intern Endowment

Members of the Class of 1960
Homecoming 2010: The Class of 1960 announces its endowment creating the Albion Community Internship.

Albion is America!

The links between Albion College, the City of Albion and the surrounding community provide incredible opportunities for students to learn at the same time they are giving back to the community. Albion has become a laboratory for small town revitalization. There is no place in America better suited to provide hands- on learning about issues that matter to every small town in our country!

It is a tribute to the scholarship that has continued here at Albion College for 180 years that a group of alumni who graduated more than a half century ago still care so much about those who have come after them. The Class of 1960 continues to demonstrate the value of our Albion network to our current students. This endowment will ensure that students interested in working in Albion will have that opportunity for years to come.

2014 ACIE Awardees:

Patrick Lopez, '15Patrick Lopez, ’15

Albion Economic Development Corporation

"As a student who lives off campus, it was great to have a little extra income to coincide with my internship. I was able to be exposed to the dedicated community leaders in Albion. ACIE saved me from having to get a second job, which would have impacted the time I spent working on the internship and my ability to commit to my studies."

Andrea Walles, '15Andrea Walles, ’15

Friends of the Bohm Theater

"The scholarship from the Class of 1960 allowed me to be successful during my internship. I had an incredible time working with the community and have learned more than I ever imagined which will help with my future career."

Previous ACIE Awardees: