Class of 1960 Albion Community Intern Endowment

Members of the Class of 1960
Homecoming 2010: The Class of 1960 announces its endowment creating the Albion Community Internship.

The Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service is honored to receive and administer the Class of 1960 Albion College Intern Endowment (ACIE).

The ACIE was created in order to support an economically vibrant Albion community. Through experiential opportunities, Albion College students will engage firsthand in efforts to improve the economic vitality and quality of life that is so critical to the region's residents and the College. It will also enhance student living, student experiences, student earnings, and the recruitment of prospective students. The Class of 1960 establishes the Albion College Community Intern program. This program, managed by the Director of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service at Albion College, will provide experiential learning opportunities and financial support to Albion College students in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the College and the town. The endowment's intention is threefold:

The endowment agreement set an initial goal of $50,000, which was met on March 9, 2011. However, to make even greater strides in the Albion community, and provide experiences for more students, the ACIE Advisory Committee continues its efforts to grow the endowment. Please visit the Albion College Giving website (part of the Office of Institutional Advancement) to donate, and specify that you would like your generous contribution to be designated to the ACIE.

Watch us as we grow the ACIE from $50,000 to $100,000!

2014 City of Albion Interns

During the Spring of 2014, two Ford Institute students have been working with important Albion organizations on projects that are key to the city’s future.  Junior Andrea Walles, an Economic and Management major from Texas, has been working with the Friends of the Bohm Theater; junior Patrick Lopez, a Political Science major from Idaho, has been working with the Albion Economic Development Corporation.

The Friends of the Bohm Theater is the group charged with restoring and reopening Albion’s historic downtown theater.  Built in 1929, the Bohm fell into disrepair in the early 2000s and was closed in 2008.  After much citywide discussion, the community decided to raise enough money to renovate and reopen the landmark.  To date more than $1,000,000 has been raised and the theater is scheduled to reopen in December 2014.  As the only staff person devoted completely to this project, Andrea has been involved in several aspects of the renovation and is currently working on the plans to reopen the theater.  Her work, under the supervision of Albion Community Foundation Director Elizabeth Schultheiss, has included fundraising, project logistics, searching for a full time director and grantwriting.  She has received an excellent introduction to the world of nonprofit work, and she has been part of a project that will be a tremendous shot in the arm for downtown Albion.  Andrea hopes to return to the project in the fall after she spends her summer at the Philadelphia Center.

The Albion Economic Development Corporation is charged with helping businesses locate in and around Albion.  As part of their efforts, the EDC has run a business incubator for several years.  Recently the occupancy at the incubator declined, resulting in questions about whether it remained a worthwhile endeavor.  Patrick Lopez took on the task of investigating this question.  For the last four months, he has examined various incubators around the country and is in the process of developing a report with recommendations on how or whether to move the project forward.  Patrick’s work will help the EDC know how best to serve its small start up businesses in the Albion area.

Both Patrick and Andrea have provided good quality work for organizations that really need the help.  The Class of 1960 can be proud of the work these two young people have done.

Mallory Ayotte, '16, Named ACIE Intern for 2013

"Albion is my home! What better way to give back to this wonderful community than interning with community leaders who are committed to improving the economics and quality of life right here in Albion?" That enthusiasm and dedication is typical of first-year student Mallory Ayotte, a first-year student who will work with the Downtown Development Authority and collaborate on three projects with the Albion Mayor and City Manager offices, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Bricks Street Association. Read more

ACIE Announces First Intern

Jessica Forzano, a junior from Birmingham, has always been passionate about making a difference. As a high school student Jessica founded Volunteer Africa, a nonprofit that is dedicated to bettering the lives of poverty stricken people in Africa. She organized fundraisers, book and clothing drives, and educational Africa forums. She also coordinated the efforts of 70 high school volunteers and oversaw over 400 hours of volunteer service. Jessica has continued that passion as a student at Albion College. A Social Studies major with an Elementary Education concentration, she has been active in the Albion Public Schools, mentoring students at Herrington Elementary and serving as a teacher for Junior Achievements. Jessica also holds leadership positions with her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. After graduation she would like to continue to make a difference as an elementary teacher.

As the first Albion Community Intern Endowment recipient, Jessica is in her placement with the Albion Public School District. Working with district Superintendent Dr. Bobbi Morehead, Jessica is involved with a new public relations effort and other activities that seek to enhance enrollment and performance in the schools.