Special Guests and Lectures

As part of our efforts to broaden educational experiences, the Ford Institute sponsors a series of lectures throughout the academic year. Additionally, each semester begins with a convocation celebration that highlights the speaker for that semester. As members of the Ford Institute, our students are given the opportunity to have dinner with the speakers, and often spend time with them one on one. Browse through our list of recent lecturers and guests.

Former Lectures of Note:

Marty Nesbitt, '85

"2009 Opening Convocation"
Marty Nesbitt, '85, Treasurer for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign

"Life in the Secret Service"
Jeff Frost, PhD., Director, U.S. Secret Service West Michigan

"A Nobel Laureate's Perspective on the Middle East"
David Trimble, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for bringing peace to Northern Ireland

Juanita Abernathy

"The Early Civil Rights Movement: An Insider's View"
Juanita Abernathy, Civil Rights Activist and wife of the late Reverend Ralph Abernathy

"Affirmative Action for the Master Class: Understanding the Proslavery Constitution"
Dr. Paul Finkelman, Distinguished Professor at Albany Law School

"Arab-Americans in Michigan"
Rosina Hassoun, CEO of Goldfinch Enterprises and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at Michigan State University

Fareed Zakaria

"The Great Drama of Globalization"
Fareed Zakaria, International Editor of Newsweek, CNN Anchor

"Advocacy in the Adult Beverage Industry"
Dwayne Kratt,΄89, Director of Government Relations, Miller Brewing Company

"An Evening with Carl Hiaasen"
Carl Hiaasen, noted author and Pulitzer Prize nominee

Mike Flanagan

"The U.S. Supreme Court: An Insider's View"
William Sutter, Chief Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court

"What's the Future of Michigan Schools?"
Mike Flanagan, Michigan Superintendent of Public Education

"The Civil Rights Movement Today"
Dr. William Anderson, Residency Director at the Detroit Medical Center, founder of Albany Georgia Civil Rights Movement, marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Health Care Policy: What's Happening in Washington, D.C.?"
Joe Schwartz, M.D. (former U.S. Congressman)