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Mark Anthony Arceno, '10
Mark spent the Spring semester of 2009 in France fulfilling the requirement of a foreign language major to spend one semester abroad for full language immersion. While in Paris, Mark Anthony worked for AFS France. AFS is an international non-profit organization that helps to provide intercultural learning experiences in order to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

More on International Programs:
Through programs like Boston University or Educational Programmes Abroad (EPA), spend a semester abroad taking classes and working at an internship site. Imagine taking classes at the London School of Economics while working in the office of a Minister of Parliament, giving yourself an advantage over other public policy students with inside knowledge of how other forms of government operate.

With emerging technologies and global interdependence, our world is getting smaller. Place yourself ahead of the pack with international experience. Spend a semester abroad immersing yourself in a new culture while taking classes and serving in an internship. Albion College's Center for International Education can help you arrange all the details.

Other Sites »

  • Australian Parliament
  • British Parliament
  • Canadian Parliament
  • German Parliament
  • European Union Parliament
  • British Labour Party Headquarters
  • Janes Information Group, UK
  • Amnesty International
  • European Foundation
  • German-American Institute
  • VERTIC of London
  • CIEE, Bonn, Germany
  • Peace Corps
  • Broadcasting Standards Commission, UK