Judicial Offices

For students that have aspirations of attending law school, a real world experience in the legal field will help distinguish yourself from other applicants as well as introduce you to possible career paths for your future degree. Judicial internships experienced by Ford Institute members are typically reserved for law school students, so the rigor of these opportunities give great understanding into different aspects of our legal system.

Danielle with Sheryl Mitchell the City Manager for Albion. Spotlight: Madeline Drury, ’15, and Johanna Schulte, ’15

Through a partnership with Northwestern University School of Law, Maddie and Johanna spent the summer of 2013 in Chicago interning for the Bluhm Legal Clinic's Center of Wrongful Convictions. In addition to learning about the effects of wrongful convictions, they researched evidence for specific cases and helped evaluate whether or not the clinic should take on certain clients. This experience complemented Maddie's studies in sociology and Johanna's pre-law academic focus.

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