The Ford Institute gives you the opportunity to take your liberal arts education and focus it in the areas of leadership, policy, and service. You will spend time learning, socializing, and experiencing our world with other students who value the role they can play in making society a better place to live. The Ford Institute staff works to open doors that will lead you to success in your future through career advising, connecting you with alumni mentors, helping you enter a meaningful internship, and providing a place for all of this to happen. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Road to Success

Think you might want to work for the State Department? Go to law school? What about educating rural communities in Africa about HIV/AIDS prevention? Former Ford Institutes do all of these things and more. Through their liberal arts education and experience in the Ford Institute, our alums have gone on to accomplish some great things.

Where they work:
Here is a short list of some of the places Ford Alums putting their education to work every day.