Sample Program - Sustainability Studies Major

The Major is composed of three components: (1) three core "Theories" courses, (2) three core "Methods/Tools" courses; and (3) at least two "Terrains" courses. The remaining units can be chosen from approved topics across the Theories, Tools, and Terrains. A model four-year plan is shown below.

Note: Terrains are directed-study courses or courses based on case studies. This model four-year plan does not include College core requirements, electives, a second major or minor adding to 32 units for graduation.




First Year

1/4 unit
Introduction to Sustainability (UVSQ, THEORY)

Selection from: (1 unit)
Introductory courses in Political Science (PLSC) or Anthropology (ANTH)—recommended

1 unit
ENVN 102: Introduction to the Environment (THEORY)

1 unit
PLSC 216: Public Policy Analysis or ANTH 375: Global Transformations (THEORY)

Second Year

1 unit
Valuation and Evaluation (UVSQ, TOOL)

ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics—recommended

1 unit
GEOL 111: Geography and Geographic Information Systems (TOOL)


ENVN 220: Economics, Politics, and Environmental Policy (TOOL)

Third Year

3-4 units

French culture (NCR)
Time and Uncertainty (UVSQ, THEORY)
NTICS and the Environment (UVSQ, THEORY)
2 TERRAINS (UVSQ) with or without projects

1 unit
Environmental humanities course:
(could be taken at any time during the student's four years at Albion)
ENGL 206: Writing in Place (101 prerequisite or permission of instructor)
ENGL 238: Terrorists & Tree Huggers
ENGL 354: Idea of Nature
HIST 337: Environmental History
PHIL 206: Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL 301: Environmental Ethics
ARTH 315: Earth Art and the Environment
or approved substitute
Fourth Year 1 unit
Topics in Eco-innovation (UVSQ, TOOL)

1 unit
Experiential requirement:
Research experience

Albion TERRAIN (directed study or course)


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