Writing Competence Exam

Albion College believes that writing proficiency is an important part of a liberal arts education. In order to graduate from Albion, ALL students must pass the Writing Competence Examination (WCE) unless they received a 4 or 5 on the CEEB Advanced Placement test in English Composition. The exam must be taken before the middle of the sophomore year. Students who do not pass on their first attempt must try the examination a second time before the end of their sophomore year. For more information, see current Academic Catalog and WCE FAQ.

The Writing Competence Exam is offered three times each semester (see schedule for exam dates and sign-up deadlines).

Students who have completed 14 units or more, but who have not fulfilled the WCE requirement--or taken appropriate steps with the Director of Writing to prepare for this examination--will be required to register for subsequent semesters with the sophomore class. In addition, students planning to study off campus must pass the Writing Competence Exam by the time they participate in their program (see Center for International Education for details).

For additional information about the WCE, contact the English Department (x0232) or Scott Hendrix, Director of Writing (x0828).