Campus Facilities

Albion College Science ComplexScience Complex

The Geology Department is housed in the first and ground floors of Palenske and Putnam Halls of the Albion College Science Complex, renovated/built in 2006. The complex includes four buildings connected on four levels with a four-story atrium at its center. Key features of the department include:

  1. State-of-the-art teaching/research laboratories
  2. Extensive mineral/fossil/rock and map collections
  3. Laboratory instrumentation, including ICP-AES, XRF, and XRD spectrometers
  4. Abundant field sampling and surveying equipment
  5. Geology Shop for sample preparation

Petrology LabSeven Teaching Laboratories

Albion College geology facilitiesResearch Laboratories

Analytical Instruments

Field Sampling and Surveying Equipment

Albion College Geology Department ShopGeology Shop

Rock/Mineral/Fossil & Map Collections

Albion College Geology Department rock storage

Albion College Geology Department rock cab