Donations to the Chemistry Department

Want to make a difference? Consider donating to the chemistry department. There are several funds that you can choose from. Simply indicate your preference when donating to Albion College.

The Chemistry Department Gift Fund

This is the most widely used account. Donations to the gift fund are used for a variety of purposes. Money has been used in the past to purchase instrumentation, to pay for expenses associated with seminar speakers at Albion College, and to help fund travel for students and faculty. Gifts to this account maintain the high quality of chemistry education at Albion College.

The John Crump Endowment for Undergraduate Research

Money in this endowment fund is used to support faculty/student collaborative research in chemistry.

The David W. Green Chemistry Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 2007 to remember the legacy of Dr. David W. Green, a former student and professor at Albion College. This scholarship will be awarded to a student each year.

The Daniel M. Steffenson Chemistry Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established in 2008 to honor Professor Dan Steffenson. Dr. Steffenson taught physical chemistry at Albion College from 1967-2008. This scholarship will be awarded to a student each year.