Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development

Does part of your love of learning come from joy in the prospect of sharing your knowledge with others? Do you long to influence the learning and personal development of children? The Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development will prepare you with the tools for effective teaching: depth in your major, breadth in the liberal arts, practical classroom skills, understanding of the issues affecting education, and the ethics of civic responsibility and affirming diversity.

Through internships, research, and travel, you'll study the most successful teaching practices as well as learn to develop and test new ideas yourself, including the thoughtful use of educational technology. In tandem with the College's Education Department, the Institute administers the elementary, secondary, and K-12 teacher certification programs, and has developed highly innovative field experiences for prospective teachers in the local schools. Roundtable discussions, visiting lecturers, alumni teachers-in-residence, and summer programs will round out your preparation to serve as a role model of outstanding classroom teaching and an intentional agent of change.

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