Institute for Healthcare Professions

What demands will an aging population put on our healthcare system? How can we guarantee access to healthcare for all Americans? Albion's Institute for Healthcare Professions will provide you with the pre-professional education you'll need to become a caring professional, well versed in the scientific and ethical issues facing the medical field in this complex age.

The Institute offers all Albion College students the ability to participate in public lectures, informational sessions, social events, and academic advising. Students who are eligible to become associate members of the Institute have access to after-hours study space, Institute-sponsored internships and job-shadowing opportunities, health-related community service projects, as well as an additional course offering: Issues in Health Care. First-year students can take advantage of our Introduction to Health Care course. The College's Office of Pre-health Advising is affiliated with the Institute. Albion graduates have a long tradition of success in gaining admission to the nation's top professional schools, thanks to the rigorous preparation and careful advising they receive.

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