Center for Sustainability and the Environment

Do you care about the environment and want a career that deals in a positive way with environmental issues? Do you want to learn about the science, human values, history, and politics that shape environmental policies? Do you want to become an effective advocate for the environment? Albion's Center for Sustainability and the Environment can help you find a place in the wide array of environmental careers that exist.

You'll investigate the complex systems that keep the ecosystem balanced—and the equally complex forces that work for and against its well-being. Global warming, habitat destruction, and resource exploitation are just some of the issues considered. The Center's students have the option to live in the Environmental House ("E-House"), where they practice and educate the campus community about sustainable living. You will get a firsthand look at current environmental challenges through field trips to locations such as the Florida Keys, Chesapeake Bay, southern Louisiana, and the Pacific Northwest.

The Center offers two programs of study: environmental sciences and environmental studies. Courses in the sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, as well as seminars, field work, and internships, will prepare you for graduate study or for careers in environmental consulting firms, analytical labs, government agencies, science journalism, or advocacy groups.

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